Saturday, October 10, 2009


Men knitwear looks really brutal this autumn and winter. These are hand-knitted sweaters with textured patterns. However, the coarseness of weave in most cases is an illusion; actually they are knitted from very mild types of weave, merino and cashmere. By the way, these are not only sweaters, but jumpers and cardigans, and jackets, These knits come with all the bells and whistles, including hoods, patch pockets and zipper on leather hanging loops.

But the thin pullovers and jackets are becoming more universal: they are now allowed to wear even with a strict suit. Patterns play an intricate part of their appeal. Argyle, stripes, and plaids keep the knitwear fashion forward. No need to ask Aunt Liz to knit you a cozy scarf or Grandma Caroline to stitch you a sweater, from retail stores to department favorites, you will be surprised at the selections this season.

Some of my favorite knit-worthy pieces, . . .

O'Neill hooded sweater. Available at O'

B. Knit Cap. Available at Hollister.

C. Striped Sweater. Available at

D. V-neck cardigan by D&G. Available at D&G.

E. Knit & leather gloves. Available at True Religion.

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