Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In a sea of suiting grays that flooded the runways of Milan and Paris, one-off pops of red bloomed like poppies. A pair of velvet slippers here, a jaunty riding cap there, puffer vests, pocket squares and cyclist jerseys. Among the bevy of burgundies, raft of rubies and multitude of maroons, mauves and magentas, we spotted hunting-jacket linings, screen-printed tromp l'oeil boutonnieres, pairs of pants, cardigan sweaters, car coats and a surprising number of suits. Nearly every label, it seemed, served up a flash of scarlet, but curiously never more than a piece or two per collection (with the exception of Etro, which made the "man in red" the thematic centerpiece of its collection).

A beacon of hope in a world of darkness or a symbol of economic bloodletting? Either way, look for cardinal as an attention-grabbing accent hue coming to a store near you for fall 2009. (Source: LA Times)

If you do not crave couture, take a look at the pieces below and incorporate them into your style. These key trends will transition, no matter your budget or your taste. Start small and embrace the red-hot trend that is sizzling into 2010.

These D Squared2 Red Plastic Aviators will have you seeing red, red hot! Protect your baby blues with these retro shades. Available at Neiman Marcus, $395.

2. LIL RED RIDING HOOD-IE. Vroom. Vroom. Ferrari. Fall. Fun. Zip into this Ferrari Hooded Jacket by Puma will definitely have you yielding into winter in style. Available at Puma, $129.

3. RED ZONE. This trend is time sensitive. You will be stopping traffic with this oversized plasteramic watch by Toy Watch, USA. Available at Neiman Marcus, $225.

4. RED, WHITE, and SHOE. Stride into style in these D&G Patent-Striped Sneakers. True patriotic style reigns supreme this fall and is evident in every step you take. Available at D&G, $295.

5. RED STRIPES. Read between the lines, red is in. Get hot under the collar with the Striped Silk Brioni tie. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, $195.

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