Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Style from A to Z

3-2-1,. . .HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year of fashion is behind us, and well, another year of fashion is NOW upon us. So when everyone else is making ridiculous resolutions, why not make one that you can keep-- ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE!

This trend guide does include the fellas, don't worry I'll never leave you all out! There is something for everyone to learn this season--- 2009 or is it 2,000 + SHINE!
Out with the old and in with the new. Not sure what is hot for '09, well look no further. Here's a quick guide that is, as simple as, A to Z.
A- Asymmetrical. It's imperative that you embrace this key trend for Spring/Summer '09.
Why it works: It shows just the right amount of skin and accents the sexiness of the collar-bone, lengthens the neck, and shows off your sensational shoulders.
Suggestion: a one-shoulder strap cocktail dress by Balenciaga. (think Greek Goddess toga-style dress that will turn heads)

B- Blazers. The "Boyfriend" trend made it's presence known in '08 and it continues into '09.
Why it works: Transition in style from fall to spring with a great basic blazer. Pair it with your favorite cami and jeans or keep it fresh by mixing it up with your favorite floral dress.
Suggestion: a tuxedo lapel blazer in black or white by Armani. (think formal meets casual elegance that adds structure to any flowy dress)

C- Colors. Go Bright or Go Neutral. Not sure if you can pull this off, start slow. Add pops of color to a basic black ensemble by wearing a bright yellow heel.
Why it works: Influences from the pop culture of the '80's have been filtering back into our closets for the past year.
Suggestion: a bright yellow colored jean. (don't buy every shade under the sun, just go with fun colors that represent your inner personality-- I'd suggest yellow, dark purple, and turquoise to add a splash of color)

D- Dots. Connect the dots- la la la la, well not exactly. Think polka dots are a thing of the past? Think again. Scarlett strutted them on the carpet, so why can't you?
Why it works: Adding a retro-feel, can add class to any outfit. Not sure you can pull-off a polka-dot piece, then start with accessories to stay on point!
Suggestion: polka dotted heels by Marc Jacobs. (stick with small "dots", large dots are a lil overwhelming on anyone)

E- Earrings.
In 2009, accessories are a must! Statement pieces are soo haute!
Why it works: Proportion is key to making this work in your favor. You don't want to look like you are imitating last year's Christmas tree.
Suggestion: Funky larger hoops by Betsey Johnson would be a safe bet!

F- Feathers. Carrie would wear them, why wouldn't you? Feather headbands or hairpins are one of the 2009's Must Have Hair Accessories.
Why it works: Fun, funky, and quirky. Simple feathery accents are playful without being excessive.
Suggestion: Feather creations made by Jennifer Ouellette are one of a kind.

G- Gold. Metallics shimmer into Spring/Summer.
Why it works: What is better than having the Midas Touch? Just the color alone is warm and can radiate your positive energy!
Suggestion: Splurge on the sexiest ear cuff of the season by Stars like Kim Kardashian, Paris, and Kate Hudson are fans!

H- Harem Pants. Channel your inner genie in a bottle, and no we aren't talking about Christina Aguilera's fashion-sense.
Why it works: From DVF to Ralph Lauren, this trend was prevalent on the catwalks, for its unique billowing drape. These are not MC Hammer's pants, they are polished and refined.
Suggestion: Stay in a neutral palette. My favorite is Ralph Lauren. Keep the top basic and form-fitted, since the pants are more fun and have their own shape.

I- Intricate Fringe. She's a little bit country and a little bit rock'n roll and so is this trend. From vests to boots, fringe is everywhere you look.
Why it works: Details are what matters. Think twenties savvy!
Suggestion: Flapper girls are still hot. Jil Sander keeps it sweet and simple!

J- Jumpsuits. Decades take center-stage this year and jumpsuits bring back the sexy seventies!
Why it works: It elongates the figure and flatters your "in shape" silhouette.
Suggestion: Be inspired by Gwen's style in Stella McCartney.
K- Killer Heels. Every woman embraces her sexy-side in a killer high heel.
Why it works: Not only does it make your legs go on forever, it's the best glut workout you'll have!
Suggestion: Ummm, do you REALLY have to ask, . . .Christian Louboutin, please?

L- (for Ladies) Lame. Shimmer and look like liquid metal.
Why it works: With award season upon us, outshine the Oscar trophy itself.
Suggestion: When it comes to elegantly draped, Nicole Miller does it best. Try her strapless, ruched number and you'll be golden!

L- (for Men) Leathers. Leather jackets add a lil edge to any GUY's wardrobe.
Why it works: Every guy has an inner bad boy, but this season, try a softer approach.
Suggestion: Try it on! Dolce & Gabbana brown leather coat. Mmm, Mmm, . . . GOOD!

M- Monochromatic. Have you been told "matchy matchy" is out? well, guess again. Pair all your "blues" together.
Why it works: Layering the colors in different shades can be hip, sophisticated and cool, all in one.
Suggestion: Start with primary colors!! RED, BLUE, YELLOW!

N- Neon Necklaces. Blinding 80's neons are back again! Look for bright colored plastics to play up with any monochromatic outfit.
Why it works: Bold strands of necklaces can cheer up even the simplest of ensembles.
Suggestion: Steal a trick from the runway by stringing chunky neon bangles on a necklace for a serious statement piece!

O- Orange. Aren't ya glad that its not just for fruit anymore? Brighten up your closet with a punch of color. If you are doubting orange works for everyone, you'd be surprised there is a shade for everyone!
Why it works: Not only will it boost the color palette in your wardrobe, but wearing a burst of color will also heighten your confidence.
Suggestion: A bronze tan always enhances the color orange, so if you choose a sundress or a blouse, go visit your tanning salon first!

P- Pant Suits. Listen up ladies and gents, yes, I am talking to both genders--- the perfect suit is essential for any one's closet.
Why it works: (for ladies) With the "boy" trend still in full swing, you will definitely love the empowering feeling of a great looking suit! (for the men) Tailoring is key for you men, please, please, please, I sincerely beg of you, make sure the suit fits you (if you have any questions, feel free to contact me). This is not a time to guess your size!
Suggestion: Dior again has outdone themselves for the ladies. And gents- you can never go wrong with a lil Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss.
Q- Quiffs. (volume) You want fun! Zac Posen and Danielle Scutt have taken fabric and created volume to the basic silhouette.
Why it works: When you are working with lame, volume is key.
Suggestion: Try Danielle Scutt's red lame skirt and bring your closet to new heights!

R- Ruffles. They are back to stay. Add a feminine and flirty touch to any structured bottom with a ruffled top.
Why it works: Every girly girl loves the delicate details of ruffles.
Suggestion: Oscar de la Renta knows fabric and fit and continues to impress with his gorgeous draped blouses.

S- Sequins. Yes, I said it, sequins, I know what you are thinking! But once you have stopped cringing, these sequins are over-sized!
Why it works: From Christopher Kane to Krizia, Europe has embraced them, so take a note from our friends on the other side of the pond and try them on for size.
Suggestion: Do not be overwhelmed, its about fun, make sure the dresses are structured with pleating to balance out the large sequins.
T- TRIBAL. Influenced from the Far East to Africa, fabrics, silhouettes and prints are seen more and more on the catwalk.
Why it works: Most of these print are inspired by nature. Leaves, branches, and feathers interpreted on fabric can add flair to any wardrobe.
Suggestion: DO NOT go Tribal from head to toe, take subtle details and pull it all together. Still not brave enough to try this trend, try to incorporate tribal jewelry until you get the hang of it!

U- Ur Smile. Yes, that is right, a wise woman once said, "No outfit is complete, without a smile." So pull out your Crest White Strips and be prepared to smile. I mean after all, it's a new year, a new you, and well, let's hope NEW STYLE!
Why it works: Because it's affordable.
Suggestion: This Unisex trend is the hottest accessory of the season!

V-Vests. (for both sexes) Rock out in a vest. This piece looks good over a t-shirt or fitted dress shirt, your choice!
Why it works: Vests create a slimming effect which definitely loved by everyone.
Suggestion: (for the ladies) Try pairing a vest over a vintage rock t-shirt and tight pleather leggings and a colored sneaker for a punk rock feel. (for guys) Keep it polished to perfection, by rocking a vest over a bright colored shirt and jeans.

W- Waistcoats. Hey fellas, this one is for you. Old Hollywood heart throbs knew how to strut their stuff in a waistcoat, so why can't you?
Why it works: Prim and proper with a lil rock and roll edge when paired over a basic v-neck t-shirt and pin stripe pants.
Suggestion: Armani does it best this season, take notes guys-- stick to basic colors: black, navy, or white.

X- Xtreme Hems. Short shorts haven't gone anywhere. Make sure your gams are tan and sexy before trying this trend.
Why it works: It can accentuate long legs or it can give the illusion of length for those who are heighten-ly challenged.
Suggestion: I love the way Chloe pulled the whole outfit together with the small eyelet detail on the bottom hem. White hot! (below)

Y- Yellow. Notice a pattern yet? Bright colors are a definite must have for Spring 2009.
Why it works: Even the gloomiest closets need a little sunshine.
Suggestion: Try a simple yellow scarf to cheer up any rainy day!

Z- Zippers. It's all in the details, they say. And this season is no exception.
Why it works: Zippers, whether invisible or structured in your favorite pair of jeans are now on the back pockets. (Yes, this applies to the MEN too.)
Suggestion: For the ladies, be brave with zippers on leather jackets or cropped blazers. And guys, my favorite jeans of the season are the Buffalo by David Bitton with the zipper detail on the back pockets!