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When people in men's fashion talk about change, they usually talk about little things. Fits, fabrics, finishes — you know, little things that, depending on whether you are familiar with the oeuvre of Martin Margiela, may or may not matter to you all that much. But the kind of change we're talking about here, it's something different. Because in case you haven't noticed, the world as we know it is ending — politically, culturally, and, oh yes, economically — and a new one is aborning. One that demands the kind of ballsy style that was familiar to our grandfathers but lost for a generation; one that calls for renewed efforts to make a statement and get the details just right; one that requires that we dress every day as if we were going to get hired or fired or handpicked from obscurity to become a vice-presidential candidate, because, hell, that's just the kind of world we're living in now.


Listen up guys, this is dressing 101. We are going to cover the basics like what every man should have in his closet. You don't want to be caught off guard when certain situations arise be it a wedding, a first date or just a ballgame.

Men's wardrobe essentials are basics that every man should have in his closet. The advice provided gives every guy the essentials he needs for a practical and functional wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.

Where to Start?
According to the fashion world, when it comes to building a functional wardrobe, the first thing a guy must do is assess his lifestyle. Does he need to wear a suit every day? If so, then he will need several suits. Is he in a more casual setting at work? If so, then perhaps he needs more khakis or jeans than trousers or suits. No matter what his particular situation though, there are things every man should have in his wardrobe.

Men's Wardrobe Essentials

  1. A suit (navy or gray)
  2. - Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, you're glad to have it on hand when those occasions arise. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with khakis or jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on.
  3. Black shoes and belt
  4. - These can be worn with khakis, jeans and your suit. This is an essential combo. Before buying brown, get black. I think you will find you get more mileage out of them, especially when attending more formal or evening functions.
  5. White dress shirt (good for day and night occasions)
  6. - White dress shirts look good on just about everybody. They look sharp and are versatile but should not to be worn as a casual shirt.
  7. Solid tie - Solid ties are easy and versatile. If solid isn't your thing, try a classic diagonal stripe. Having several tie patterns on hand will ensure you are prepared for interviews, weddings and evening events.
  8. Blue blazer - A blue blazer is good for all year round and easily coordinates with khakis and other items. If that bores you, try a tweed sport coat but also keep in mind that tweed is really only useful in fall and winter. Either way a blazer or tweed sport coat holds a look together.
  9. Khakis and jeans
  10. - No explanation necessary here. Jeans are a staple of the American wardrobe. Khakis are the same.
  11. Overcoat
  12. - An overcoat doesn't necessarily mean a long coat. It also means 3/4-length or car coat length. This item really finishes an outfit and can be worn with everything including jeans. And everyone needs a coat in winter, right? Well, maybe not if you live in places like Phoenix or San Diego.
  13. Briefcase
  14. - A briefcase does not necessarily mean a hard case. It can be soft, or messenger bag style. In a man is has to carry files and other documents, this is an essential.
  15. Athletic wear
  16. - Even for non-athletic types, athletic wear is great for those lazy Sundays and dashes to the convenience store at wee hours of the morning.
  17. Casual shirt - A casual shirt such as a polo or button down is a must have to wear with jeans or other casual pants.
  18. Deconstructed suit - A deconstructed suit is great because it has a relaxed look but is pulled together. Also, the pants and blazer can be worn separately)
A word of advice: start simple and expand according to lifestyle. Classics don't mean boring.

Bargains Shopping Tips
There is only one thing to say - buy on sale! After Christmas or season’s end sales are best. But don't buy something just because it is on sale or is a great deal. It should be something you would want to wear anyway and coordinates with your wardrobe. Also, if you find something on sale that may not have a perfect fit, don't be shy about taking it to a tailor. Buy comfortable clothes that make you feel confident and fit your style.


Wardrobe Basics - Items Every Women should have?

Weather you are just starting out in this world and need to put a foundation wardrobe in place or if you are giving your wardrobe a refresher here are some wardrobe ideas to help you get started. Two pairs of dark slacks - either black or navy blue. Go with a slim cut in a wool crepe or a seasonless cotton.
One pair of dark slacks for the evening with a fuller cut. These can be a fabric that drapes either a light wool or jersey mix.
Two pairs of jeans -one hemmed for heels and the other hemmed for flats. Jeans that are hemmed for heels you should see just the toe box.
Three skirts - a pencil skirt, a A-line skirt which incidentally looks good on all body types and a skirt in a neutral fabric so you can mix and match with others items like tweed, wool or boucle.
Shirts - A white button front shirt and a few t-shirts.
Three sweaters - The fabric should be a lightweight, merino or cashmere.
  • One should be black and match your black trousers.
  • The second one should be more neutral like off-white, camel or taupe.
  • The third sweater should just simple be a sweater that you love and feel great in. Nothing too dressy - one you can wear to the office and with jeans.
Two Jackets
  • A tailored jacket that matches your black pants.
  • A sporty leather jacket
Three coats
  • A classic trench coat or raincoat with a zip -out wool liner for multiple seasons.
  • A knee-length transition coat that works for day and night.
  • A winter coat in a wool or cashmere blend or if you live in a warmer climate try tropical wool.
  • A little black dress
Three Bags
  • A classic leather style with clean lines that works for everything.
  • A catch all fun tote bag
  • A envelope shaped, bracelet style for the evening.
Shoes (5 pairs)
  • A pair of black pumps 2.5-3.5 inch heel in a the current style.
  • A evening shoe with a close toe in a black satin.
  • A pair of tall black boots
  • Bad-weather boots
  • A pair of sneakers or tennis shoes.


Top Ten Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Models

Who will wear the crown along with the lingerie?
Miranda Kerr walks the runway during the 2009 Victoria's Secret fashion show at The Armory on November 19, 2009.
Miranda Kerr walks the runway during the 2009 Victoria's Secret fashion show at The Armory on November 19, 2009. - WireImage
Charlie Toft Enough about New Moon -- this is the week for the guys to drool a little. It's time for the airing of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (CBS, Tuesday 10 p.m.), which was held a couple of weeks ago. While the Black Eyed Peas were in attendance doing their thing (wherever there are cameras, the Peas will never be far away), the show is all about the models, both the veterans who helped make Victoria's Secret the biggest name in underwear and the up-and-comers who will be the dominant supermodels of the coming decade.
american idol photosVictoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009
Here's a highly scientific ranking of the top models in this year's fashion show. This list was compiled taking into consideration factors such as long and faithful service to the Victoria's Secret brand, celebrity achievement outside the runway, efforts made towards furthering world peace, and that intangible something called "the author really thinks she's hot."
10. Behati Prinsloo: Just out of her teens, this Namibian is a bigger name in Europe right now than in the States, but her association with Victoria's Secret is beginning to change that. She reminds me a little of Kate Moss -- and who wouldn't like a Kate Moss who can also fill out a bikini? The future looks bright for her.
9. Selita Ebanks: She's been on the fringe of truly massive fame for a few years now. Ebanks was once engaged to Nick Cannon, who ended up marrying someone much more famous instead. Now, she has apparently been cast in the coming season of The Apprentice, and reality shows are typically the province of retired or semi-retired models. She may have peaked, but it's been a fine peak.
8. Maryna Linchuk: How many thongs could a Linchuk chuck if a Linchuk could chuck thongs? This Byelorussian blonde has a slightly imperious look that may keep her from catching on as a massive star, but she took on greater prominence in this year's fashion show, so we're keeping our eyes on her. And speaking of eyes, Linchuk's baby blues are a sight to behold.
7. Doutzen Kroes: I'm not quite sure I get this girl. She works constantly, but there seems to be a lack of a distinct image here. Even when you consider her most prominent feature, her lips, Kroes is overshadowed by the likes of Karolina Kurkova. Victoria's Secret is a small part of what she does, so she'll be fine even if she proves too boring for the company in the long run.
6. Candice Swanepoel: The young South African is part of the new group of Victoria's Secret Angels, and word is that she truly earned her wings in this year's show. There's no one involved with Victoria's Secret who has a bad body, but Swanepoel's claim to fame (at least it will be once she's truly famous) is her face -- she is so pretty as to make her body almost irrelevant.
5. Ana Beatriz Barros: Barros has been associated with Victoria's Secret for most of the last decade, but even after all this time, there's something a bit unapproachable about her, almost as if she was royalty who was lowering herself to model for us. She may need a good tabloid scandal to get to the next level, but her current level is still mighty fine.
4. Marisa Miller: Her claim to fame at this level is that she brings a different look to the Victoria's Secret stage. Shorter and much curvier than a high fashion model, Miller transitioned from cheesecake stuff to the big time, and is still increasing in prominence at an age where most models are beginning to think about what comes next. She's the only Victoria's Secret Angel who is better known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue appearances, which just goes to prove her versatility.
3. Alessandra Ambrosio: How do the Brazilians do it? There's not much of a gap between Ambrosio and her countrywoman Barros, but while Barros is more classically pretty, Ambrosio is ridiculously sultry. The woman was born to wear a swimsuit, but she's awfully strong in the lingerie area as well. Ambrosio is finishing up a full decade with Victoria's Secret; may her bra wave high during the 2010s as well.
2. Heidi Klum: Ambrosio won plaudits for returning to the fashion show in 2008 three months after having a baby, but Klum's feat this year -- coming back only six weeks after having a fourth child at age 36, and without having returned to her typical weight -- is an act of heroism they will be talking about forevermore wherever models gather to throw up. She is speeding toward the emeritus phase of her career, but Klum, like Christie Brinkley and Elle MacPherson before her, is a permanent fixture in lingerie lore.
1. Miranda Kerr: The stars have aligned for Kerr to take her place atop the modeling world. She has an approachable look. She has an adorable accent. She manages to come across as the girl next door even when she's strutting in a thong that provides almost complete rear exposure. She also has a dopey boyfriend in Orlando Bloom, so things aren't perfect. But she's as close as we're going to come in 2009.


Zac Posen joins Target's Go International brand

zacposen_event_victoriasecret.jpgJoining a growing list of fashion's big names is Zac Posen, who has been revealed as Target's next guest designer. Posen will create a range for Target's Go International division (not to be confused with its Designer Collaborations brand). His range will hit stores in the US and online from 25th April.
Of course, Zac is no stranger to working with the retailer. He collaborated with Target Australia on a range of party dresses, which he unveiled at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March last year.
Leading the European pack, Jean Paul Gaultier was also recently announced as Target's latest Designer Collaborations talent. He will launch his collection on 7th March. Two more reasons to move to America.


A hot new designer to watch!
Jerome C. Rosseau,  31 year old French Canadian shoe designer is currently the hottest thing in designer shoes.
With nightlife, modern art and European design as inspirations, Jerome’s creations have a distinct and unique style that can be described as seductive, edgy and very now. With a meticulous eye for detail and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, Jerome’s stand-out shoes are a hit with some of the Hollywood’s most stylish. Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore are fans.

Having studied in London’s Cordwainer’s college, where fellow shoe maven Jimmy Choo hails, Jerome is learned in the art of footwear design. He has honed his design sensibilities and skills working alongside big names like Matthew Williamson, Isabella Fiore, John Richmond and John Rocha over the last 10 years.

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What do South Floridians know about winter? Considering how we pair scarves with flip-flops and boots with short-shorts, not much. Luckily, the Haute Couture Fashion Show, Fort Lauderdale is coming Sunday, November 29, and bringing with it looks that will keep you looking hot when it’s cold out (should you have a trip north for the upcoming holidays). The runway at the Renaissance Plantation Hotel heats up with coats, boots, cashmere and all the other elements of the season we don’t have starting at 7 p.m. Get their early for Shop South Florida, where you’ll find all your local favorites—cold weather and otherwise.

The Haute Couture Fashion Show will hit the catwalk with all the fabulous winter styles - fashionable winter coats, fur coats, sexy winter shoes and boots, soft cashmere, skinny jeans and stylish accessorizes to die for! These collections will have you counting down the days as you look forward to the end of the year!

Tickets Pre-sale $20, $35 at the Gate. VIP Pre-sale $45, $60 at the Gate. Log on to to buy tickets or pickup your tickets at:
Golden Krust Restaurant, Pembroke Pines - Tel: (954) 438-5787
Tropical Oasis, North Miami - Tel: (305) 654-8320
Aunt I's, North Miami - Tel: (305) 654-9638
Rainbow Variety Store, Lauderdale Lakes - Tel: (954) 733-6580
Marcia'a Café, Lauderdale Lakes - Tel: (954) 484-1566


"Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life"


Target audience: Fans of fashion, beauty and celebrity gossip magazines; anyone who has a hard time working runway fashion into her own life.
Authors' credentials: Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr are co-creators of the popular celebrity fashion Web site Power is the former West Coast editor of Elle and Ellegirl; Kerr was an Elle associate editor and has written for Teen Vogue and Nylon.
The gist: Runway trends move fast, and the key to looking fashionable is knowing how to interpret the looks for your own wardrobe without draining your bank account or getting caught by the fashion police. Power and Kerr feel strongly that the ability to assemble fashionable outfits is essential to success in life. Celebrities, who often have personal stylists, are used as examples; readers are encouraged to find their "celebrity doppelganger" as the first step in creating their own ensembles.
Memorable lines: "Style File Situation: The Case of Too-Tight Fright" (tightly wrapped bandage dresses and their solution, Spanx); "The Case of Tunic Trouble" (to wear as a dress or belted with leggings?); "The Time-Out Corner" (trends to shelve until they resurface later).
Could live without: The extensive commentary and photos featured in the "What to Wear Where" chapter - learning that you are supposed to create distinct looks for a gallery opening versus a concert, and for traveling on a plane versus a lazy Sunday afternoon, can give many readers a serious case of fashion insecurity.
Bottom line: One of the better guides on the market for developing your personal style while keeping current with fashion trends. Power and Kerr give very specific advice and illustrated examples on how to embrace fashion and avoid "trend oversaturation."

Read more:

Source: SanFrancisco Chronicle

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Victoria’s Secret must have wished all the contestants for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show could have been California girls, since the two finalists in the lingerie retailer’s modeling contest are from the Golden State.
As you might have read in Adam Tschorn’s earlier post, Victoria’s Secret decided to spice up its spicy Fashion Show with a modeling competition featuring 10 gals scouted in casting sessions in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. The competition has been whittled through online voting on VS All Access and down to two finalists: Simi Valley’s Kylie Bisutti and Carmel’s Jamie Lee Darley, who lives in Brentwood.

The winner will magically (thanks to editing) strut on the catwalk with supermodels Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo and Marisa Miller.
Victoria’s Secret wants you to vote online either for Kylie Bisutti and Jamie Lee Darley up to 2 1/2 hours before the show airs Tuesday at 10 p.m.
“Ironically Kylie and I, we were the closest girls in the house,” says Darley, reminiscing about the time she and Bisutti roomed at the Victoria Secret's Angel boot camp. Now that the two girls are competitors? “We obviously haven’t stayed as close."
Kylie Bisutti is an active 19-year-old who’s into scuba diving, basketball and hip-hop dancing. She's been modeling since the age of 16.
"It's been my absolute dream to be a Victoria's Secret model," says Bisutti. "I was born to walk that runway, I have the longest legs."
Darley says the Victoria Secret's modeling competition has been a mental boost: “I had modeled and dealt with rejection because I’m curvy and busty," says the 23-year old who doubles as a waitress and model. "There had been places that had asked me to lose 20 pounds, but I don’t think that’s healthy.”


Thankfully men's fashion styles don't change as often as women's, but there are details one must still pay attention to. I will point you in the right direction when putting your look together as well as highlight fashion shows and profile designers so you always feel you're in the know. Every spring season I have my "top picks" for certain items such as jackets, shirts, shorts, and much more. I'm sure there is something in at least one of my lists that you can't live without.


A jean like the Diesel 'Zathan 71S' which has a dark wash and slight abrasions at the knees and pocket is a wardrobe necessity. Not only do you want a jean that shows off your assets, but one in a dark wash is a very current look. For a complete list of jeans, see my Top 8 Premium Denim Jeans for Men or for the budget minded, my top picks in Less Expensive Jeans for Men.



I love graphic tees and am glad to see they are as big as ever in the spring collections. Besides, I have stacks of them, which equates to quite an investment. And like most guys, I'm very picky about what kind of graphic is on my tee. See my Top 8 Men's Summer T-Shirts.

A button-up that is perhaps more fitted and/or has a nice pattern is a stylish alternative to the plain dress shirt. They are perfect worn with jeans alone or under a blazer. Take a look at my Top 6 Men's Summer Shirts or my Top 6 Modern and Stylish Men's Sport Shirts. 

I love polo shirts. They are easy to wear and can be classic yet modern at the same time. They can be worn to the office under a sport jacket or with shorts on the weekend. Top 6 Men's Polos.

The retro sneaker is bigger than ever. I personally love the Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 which was introduced in 1966. These were the first shoes with the famous tiger stripes and worn at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968. If you don't like these, there are many Cool Retro Styles in Men's Sneakers.


Aviator sunglasses are having quite the comeback. At first I wasn't sure about them but when designers like Ray Ban re-imagined the standard aviator, I had a change of heart. Whether a pair like this or some other, they are definitely a must have. See my Top Picks in Men's Sunglasses.

Brown woven belts are essential for Spring/Summer 2010. Try to incorporate the trendy look with a fun belt buckle. Another chic pulled together belt is white. I know, don't gasp too soon, it can look divine paired with a nice grey slack or a dark denim. 

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Nicole Richie first got her start on reality television. It may be tough to remember those days of her paling around with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, acting and looking like a completely different person!

And now we hear Nicole is returning to her roots, and taking her hubby with her! According to Star magazine, she and Joel Madden are in talks to star in a new reality show series. A source tells the mag the concept behind the show is an at-home talk show where Nicole’s famous friends pop in to be interviewed by the couple.

“Nicole turns down a lot of roles because she doesn’t want to leave her children, Harlow and Sparrow,” the friend explains. “This would be an option because she could work from home.”

This actually sounds like a cool idea! Nicole and Joel have sort of turned into homebodies since having kids, but they’re such great parents! Plus, there’s nothing like this on television yet, so we’re all for this show idea!

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Dancing With the Stars pros don't sleep when dancing's done!

by Kristine Gasbarre 

Kym Johnson is the 33-year-old Australian stunner who seemlessly has found her home on American television for the past three years as a pro ballroom dancer (and two-time runner-up) on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. This week Kym celebrated her win with her celebrity partner, timeless entertainer Donny Osmond.
At press time we were waiting to learn Kym's Dancing With the Stars fate with Osmond on Tuesday night's results show, but during our chat she made one thing clear: when the season's finished and the stage is stripped, the excitement in her career never stops. In this exclusive interview Kym opened up on her intimate hopes for her future and how she'll spend the next few months -- she'll kick off the holiday season with her Broadway debut on November 27 in the dance show Burn the Floor.
When we talked to Kym, she was surrounded by backstage pre-broadcast intensity -- but still she gave a calm and endearing interview that demonstrated perfectly why America has taken in this Aussie beauty as one of our own.
LimeLife: Kym, you're making your Broadway debut in Burn the Floor later this month. Just recently you were quoted saying, "As a little girl growing up in Australia, my dream was to perform on Broadway." So what's it like to be living your dream as a pro dancer in two of the biggest dance shows in the world [Burn the Floor and Dancing With the Stars]?
Kym Johnson: I've been dancing since I was three, it's just something I've always loved to do - I always wanted to do it, you know? I've just always been interested in entertainment and I feel very fortunate that I'm still working in the industry. And then to top it off I get to go to Broadway! It's a good career, it's awesome.
LimeLife: And so you'll be in New York over the holidays?
Kym Johnson: Yeah, it's going to be so much fun. I get to spend Christmas in New York, which I'm so excited about...a white Christmas. I'm used to sunny, hot Christmas days in Australia and we have a barbecue and stuff. So [New York] will be wonderful.
LimeLife: We want to come and see you in Burn the Floor!
Kym Johnson: There you go!
LimeLife: Kym, when you look into the next few years, what do you envision for your life?
Kym Johnson: This Broadway thing is one tick off my list. Obviously I'd love to settle down a little bit more and possibly have kids in the near future. I would also love to do something in Vegas as well, I spend a lot of time there now. I can't dance forever, and I've done a bit of TV presenting and some hosting work, so that would be nice to get into. A dance school is definite - definitely want a dance school of my own. There are so many things I want to try. It's exciting.
LimeLife: And what would you say is the most important thing you've learned in your early thirties so far?
Kym Johnson: I remember when I was turning 30 and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can't believe it.' But it's actually a really great age. I just feel really comfortable with myself, and my career's actually better than it's ever been in my thirties. The hard things I've been working for are happening for me right now. There's so much to look forward to - settling down and having kids, and things with my career. I really feel like I'm ready for that now.

LimeLife: How does your family deal with you living so far away, especially over the holidays?
Kym Johnson: That's really tough. My mum actually is here at the moment. She's been here for four weeks, so hopefully we get through tonight and she's going to stay as long as we can go on the show. Because I want her to see that, she's so proud. Mum comes over quite a lot. When I get a break in between seasons I go home, so I normally go home three times a year because I've got my nephews and my niece, who I just adore. I miss them a lot. And all my girlfriends, I've got a lot of them back at home. They keep visiting me, which is a good excuse for them to come to the States. Then my mum and dad are going to come back for Christmas - they'll spend Christmas Eve in Australia, and then they'll fly to America on Christmas Day and they'll actually gain a day [to arrive] on Christmas Day. I do miss my family a lot.
Did you miss the first part of our exclusive interview with Kym Johnson? Catch up on what she revealed about her Dancing With the Stars experience here. Also, check out this video of Kym and Donny Osmond's gorgeous Viennese waltz that aired live the night before we spoke with her.

This interview is exclusively for


Los Angeles, CA Combination of sequins, shiny fabric, and vamp- OH MY! The American Music Awards had some big fashion chart toppers and some definite one-hit wonders. Who was the Best Dressed? Which male celeb strutted their style? Who needs to fire their stylist? Which female celeb should've taken another glimpse in the mirror?


1.BOOM. BOOM. POW. The always-sexy Fergie shines in Armani Prive black sparkly dress. Showing off her killer body, this dress hugged every single sensational curve. She definitely went more than halfway for this chic-look.

2. ORIGAMI-MAMI. RiRi made her triumphant debut to the AMA's since her horrific night Grammy weekend and she was STUNNING in Marchesa right off the runway. The intricate details and contrasting black and white colors are right on trend for 2010. Kudos to her style team!

3. RIGHT ON KEYS. Alicia Keys looked fresh, clean, and posh in a colorful Armani Prive cocktail dress on the red carpet. Alicia always knows how to pull off a sexy look with a New York state of mind--- did you see those killer heels??

4. ALWAYS THE YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN. NeYo knows how to dress. He always pulls the look together with such style and swagger. Grey suit is a must have this season MEN! Dapper to the extreme, he knows how to work the contrasting colors in his accessories too.

5. FASHION IDOL. Known for his typical over the top wardrobe choices, but at the AMA's American Idol alum, Adam Lambert kept it clean, polished, and perfect in a slim-fit suit with white dress shirt and black skinny tie. Classic and timeless, with Lambert's makeup and hair it has a rock'n'roll flair!

Ok, and now for the FASH-tastrophes, . . .the Wow! Why! Whoa! Whoops! And What were they thinking?

WOW. AERO-NO NO. Joe Perry may be able to hit some high notes on his guitar, but this Aerosmith bandmate looks like he got fashion advice from tenants of LA's SkidRow district. We love Joe's dress shirt, scarf and skinny jeans that we are use to, but the mixed textures look sloppy!

WHY. WON'T BE BETTER IN TIME. The usually lovely Leona Lewis hit a wrong fashion note at Sunday's AMA's, The black pointed bra-top cocktail dress was OMG-ami all wrong! The girl with the golden voice, has a great figure, would've loved to see her in a simple silhouette to show off her golden figure.

WHOA. SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE (must have been written about her STYLIST leaving her,) American Idol sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson usually looks phenomenal on the carpet with a cute and sweet ensemble. This time, it looks like Kelly was decorating a lil too early for Christmas. Sequins are in, but sparse Christmas colors on a black dress that isn't flattering is SOOO OUT!

WHOOPS. FASHION FALL OUT. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wenz continues to wear the same clothes over and over again. Someone call a stylist quick, haven't we seen this all black ensemble before? Is that a black straight jacket? Maybe his love life is in mourning, but his wardrobe should have a lil more pizazz, we've seen you dress better, Pete!

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? WHENEVER. WHEREVER. WHATEVER. Latin hottie Shakira has made two fashion violations this year and we are so sad. First at the MTV VMA's when her and Pink decided to go as Twins for Halloween a lil early (wearing the same dress at an event- FASHION NO NO!) and then wearing this YELLOW minidress to the AMA's. Not sure if she tried to go so extreme that she could guarantee no one else would show up wearing it (because it's just not that fabulous, sorry!).

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Eternally fashionable, scarves are the most versatile accessory for women.  The available variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes make the scarf ideal for all seasons and occasions.  Our hand painted silk scarves offer the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and charm to your attire – formal or informal.

The question of how to wear or tie a scarf you just purchased often has a relatively simple answer.  Tying scarves is not as hard as it looks, and various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn.

As a service to our customers, we have designed this step-by-step scarf tying instruction guide, providing the most common and popular styles of how to tie or wear a scarf.  Please familiarize yourself with the basic folding techniques and knots introduced in the beginning of the guide as subsequent tying instructions may refer to the basic scarf folds and knots.


A wonderful form of wrap giving a professional look to any dress that you’re wearing in a matter of minutes.

Step 1
Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 3.
Step 2
Let it dangle around your neck from the front so that the scarf hangs on your back.
Step 3
Take both the ends and crossing each other bring the forward equally on each side.
Step 4
Now take both the sides and tie then in a small bow just as shown in the illustration.


This is a relaxed way to sport a scarf. Gives the illusion of a trendy bandana on your shoulders!

Step 1
Fold a scarf into the shape of a triangle.
Step 2
Take the broader end (A) and start rolling it towards the narrower end (B).
Step 3
Roll A half way through the scarf.
Step 4
Take the scarf and hang it over your shoulders just like the way it is shown.
Step 5
Tie a simple knot to complete the look.


The bow tie knot offers a scarf tying style that goes well with a suit. Take the opportunity to accent your business attire with a flattering look.

Step 1
A square scarf with a bias-band fold, or a folded oblong scarf, may be used for this knot.
Step 2
Place the scarf around your neck, situating it so that end "A" is about two inches longer than end "B".
Step 3
Cross "A" over "B". Bring "A" up and under the loop. Now double "B" over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie.
Step 4
Loop "A" over the center of the loop you just formed.
Step 5
Holding everything in place, double "A" back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bow tie.
Step 6
Adjust the bow tie by tugging at the ends of it and straightening the center knot.

A popular knot with cowboys and cowgirls, the buckaroo knot holds its own style in scarf tying. [Buckaroo is the American version of the Spanish word vaquero. In the early days of settling California, when it was still owned by Mexico, the Spanish landowners used vaquero to describe their herdsmen and horsemen. In Spanish, vaca means cow.] Today, buckaroos are men and women who ride horses on the range and work with cattle.

Step 1
Begin with a folded oblong or a bias-band folded square scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck, then grasp opposite ends of the scarf, one in each hand.
Step 2
Wrap the scarf once around one or two fingers of your left hand, from over front to back and back over the fingers with the end hanging down and loose.
Step 3
The right scarf end wraps around the front of the left from front to back being sure to go under the loose left end.
Step 4
The right scarf end then comes forward around from the back, and loops over the loose left end, and through the loop made by the fingers of your left hand, from right to left.
Step 5
Tighten the square and there it is: the 4-square buckaroo knot.

A beautiful way of tying a scarf, accenting the elegant you. Can be sported with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Step 1
Fold the scarf using the basic fold 3.
Step 2
Let it hang around your neck with roughly one third of the scarf on one side (A) and two-thirds on the other (B) and cross these as illustrated.
Step 3
Bring A upwards to make it pass through the cross so that a sort of loop is formed.
Step 4
After tossing A underneath B, let it pass through a second loop again.
Step 5
Now when you pull one end firmly, you’ll get your butterfly wrap ready!

A lovely scarf tying style; ready in a manner of seconds. Suitable to be worn with any outfit; the minimum effort required to get this style ready is the cause of its immense popularity.


Step 1
Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 3.
Step 2
Let it dangle around your neck with one side (B) a bit shorter than the other (A).
Step 3
Take A and after crossing it over B let it pass from under B so that a sort of loop is formed.
Step 4
Bring A towards the neck again
Step 5
After letting A go around the neck, bring it down again and let it pass through the loop that was made before (in step 3).
Step 6
Your casual wrap is ready!

As the name indicates, this style is casual yet sleek. Works well on casual as well as work attire.

Step 1
Fold an oblong scarf in half lengthwise.
Step 2
Place around the neck and pull the two ends through the center fold.
Step 3
Voila, you are ready for Rumba


Step 1
Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 2

Step 2
Place the scarf around your neck; situating it so that one end is about two inches longer (A) than the other end (B).

Step 3
Cross A over B and let it pass through B so that a sort of hoop is formed.

Step 4
Let A pass through it again and bring it down facing forward

Step 5
Adjust your scarf by straightening the front part (A).

Step 6
Your Hollywood knot is ready!

This elegant knot can be worn with almost any top, and is ideal for filling in the neck of a suit, jacket, or coat. If paired with a collared shirt, then place the knot towards the middle instead of to the side. Please be mindful that the idea is to keep the twist loose.

Step 1
Fold a square scarf into a bias-band fold.
Step 2
Twist scarf jauntily to one side of neck so that the knot is off-center.
Step 3
Center the scarf in front of your neck. Wrap around, crossing ends behind neck and pull forward.
Step 4
Tie a single knot centered underneath chin.
Step 5
Finish by tying a double knot and let ends hang loosely.

A beautiful way to accent any coat that you are wearing; brings that energetic feeling to an otherwise boring attire.