Sunday, March 29, 2009


When in doubt, tie it up! Start with simple curls and gently pull it back to the nape of your neck in a messy bun. Wrap a few strands of hair around the band. To do a sweet cross bun, take 2 strands from each side of the hair and tuck into place. Leave a few tundrels to frame the face and even you can pull off this simple updo, just like Cate!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


A garment that appears perfectly opaque in the soft light of your bedroom may be perfectly obscene in bright sunlight. Be sure to check for opacity in different lights. Sheer is in, but keep it classy. Small doses of see-through are the best move. In this case, less is more.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Feeling a lil bloated after an extravagant Spring Break indulgence? A key investment in every woman's closet should be SPANX. Eva Longoria swears by them and even Oprah named them one of her favorite things! Guaranteed to drop you atleast 1 single dress size and who doesn't want that? So, suck it in sista, these lil undies are your new best friend. That doesn't mean it's instant lipo or anything, but it definitely will tighten your tummy for the night, the rest is left for your hardwork and sweat in the gym in the next couple of months!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Knock-off bags, if worn seriously, are not chic. Futhermore, a bag needs to perform, and knockoffs are not made with durability or integrity in mind. If your bank account doesn't comprehend Yves Saint Laurent, take a note from the movie "Sex in the City" and try Bag, Borrow, or Steal ( and just rent a designer bag. My favorite is the Gucci 'Babouska' Large Hobo Handbag. (photo, left)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A thin belt over a sufficiently long and light sweater is a classic look. Look for delicate belts at vintage stores. Recent fashion accessory trends have shifted from the thick, wide-belt to layering with skinny belts. Skinny belts are inexpensive to purchase, can be worn year-round, accentuate a thin waist, and are easy to mix-and-match to an existing wardrobe. The addition of a skinny belt to an outfit can make a woman look thinner and more fashion-forward.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey guys, check out these 10 Fashion Trends that will have you hot this summer!

1. You Must "Zip it". With the fluctuation of the climate from winter to spring, a zip-up is an essential layer to every man's ensemble. And a twill jacket is a simple solution! The thin fabric will keep warm on those chilly nights. Turn up the heat in your spring wardrobe with style!

2. Plaid, Plaid Boy! Get over your Catholic or private school days, this is more about the surf influence than Sunday school. Plaid shorts are a must-have staple this spring/summer and are great for the surfer dude or the preppy prepster!

3. Graphic Novel. Freedom of speech is not only a right but an expression of individuality. So, speak your mind on your favorite tee. Whether you are preaching "Peace & Love" or supporting your favorite band, just express yourself!

4. C.E.O. stands for Cute. Executive. Officer of Style. This spring your wardrobe is Boardroom Bound! First order of business: Must Have Classic & Tailored pieces that are timeless---fitted suit, great dress shirts, and bold ties! These items will have you in control of your closet and take you beyond 9 to 5!

5. Check mate! Keep cool and play it smart in checkered prints and gingham. Make a wise move and go for brighter colors. This classic pattern is versatile enough to rock under a suit or with your favorite jeans!

6. Grey's Anatomy. Enhance your denim palette with shades of grey! This season blue denim is out. Dark forces have taken over the jean world and are slowly fading your favorite denim into ranges of greys and even white!

7. Stay Neutral. Play it cool, calm, and collected by staying neutral. When in doubt or fear of color, this is the best remedy. Linens and textures, and accessories- oh my! From apparel to accessories-- GO BEIGE!

8. Sneaker Appeal. Step in spring in style with a comfy sneaker. Make a prim and proper outfit ultra hip with a funky tennis shoe. Even a white suit can have a whole new personality with the right kicks!

9. The Aviator. Retro shades are back in a big way! Classic brands, such as, Ray-Ban brought back the wayfarer in '08, and have done it again with the aviator. Steal a fashion trend from a pilot in '09. Round, square, and wrap arounds, all of the shapes are sooo fly!

10. Easy Strider. Slip into Spring/Summer fashion with a loafer. Dressed up or dressed down, these look perfect with a suit or a pair of cargos! Keep the neutral palette in mind for this trend because it will go with everything with ease!


(as featured on

What can I do to make corset tops work for the office or during the day?—Drea, Yakima, Washington

I've partnered with celebrity fashion stylist Toni Ferrara to answer your question; she's done a ton of personal shopping just for you, and you have more options than you think, especially if your day does not involve eight hours in an office cubicle or a power lunch with the queen.
The most respectable way to wear a sexy top like this is to pair it with a sleek suit. Yes, as Ferrara puts it, "Underwear as outerwear is not only sexy but ultra chic," but unless you work with Ugly Betty at Mode, proceed with caution.
If you just love that Frederick's of Hollywood corset, cover up the sexy bits with the blazers and slacks over at Banana Republic. For a weekend brunch, Ferrara suggests "pairing a corset under a vest and your favorite dressy wide-leg denim."
Ferrara also has an exciting way to wear a corset on a lunch date or coffee with friends: a textured corset worn right over a fitted dress shirt. "It's very posh," Ferrara says, "and I do mean Victoria Beckham-esque." Victoria's Secret has a very nice French-cuff dress shirt. At $28, there's not much to argue against it. Pair it with the Rose Adora busk-front corset and you're good to go. Ferrara also likes the idea of a gray, V-neck tee by James Perse—who creates airy, lightweight shirts unlike any other—and a denim corset by Betsey Johnson.
That's it! Lace up and head on out.

Here are a few more ideas, . . .
  • It’s a Cinch. Mix it up. Put a brocade or textured corset over a crisp fitted dress shirt. Its very posh, and I do mean Victoria Beckham-esque. Personal favs- The French cuff dress shirt by Victoria Secret ($28) & Rose Adora Busk Front Corset, $69, available at
  • Boho Dream. Be Hippie, Hippie-chic, by incorporating a floral corset and a prairie skirt. Personal favs-Passion flower corset, $55, available at Tie Dye Silk Georgette Convertible Skirt, $148, available at
  • Best Dressed. Add some flair and sass to your favorite summer dress by adding a leather waist corset. Poppy colored eyelet dress by Max & Cleo, $118, available at Macy’s. Tanner Chocolate Midriff Corset, $43, available at
  • Tucked In. Tuck a gorgeous corset into a high waisted pencil skirt and it is a match made in heaven. Personal favs- Black high-waisted Double Knit pencil skirt by Only Hearts, $66, available at and lacey halter corset, $58, available at
  • Genie in a Bottle. Wishing for a new way to wear your favorite corset? Wish granted-Pair a dark grey Harem pants with a rouched corset and a boyfriend jacket. Personal favs- Harem pants, $119, available at Zara stores, rouched corset, $69, Shirley of Hollywood, Boyfriend Jacket with Stripe Cuffs by Aqua Boyfriend Jacket with Stripe Cuffs, $88, available at Bloomingdales.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This Spring embrace your inner flower child. A kaleidoscope of colors cascaded down the catwalk by many of your favorite designers, reminiscent of the soarin’ sixties. This love fest is emphasized by a far out palette, from lavender to teal. transcend to the Age of Aquarius!
From the mass array of fringe at Pucci (left), to the bell bottom sleeves at Gaultier (middle), to the patchwork of psychedelic prints at Etro (bottom), these ensembles are groovy, baby!
Just like today, we protest the war in Iraq, the sixties were a time of peace & love. Those mindless, carefree, experimental days had a huge impact on fashion. Mix the free-wheelin’ fashion, a lil’ rock n’ roll edge, and add a splash of seventies spirit—-you have the new “Hippie Revival”.

Light flowy fabrics, such as, silks to chiffons paired with rugged suedes and leathers graced the runway in solid harmony. These lethal combinations are a perfect way to spice up anyone’s wardrobe. Infuse vintage pieces from your mother’s closet with your favorite jeans. Bring on the kaftans, prairie skirts, and headbands!

The sensational silhouettes are perfect for everyone to try. Whether you are wanting to show a lil or show alot. Find pieces that will work for your body type. Show the assets that you are most proud of. If you want to highlight your waist– cinch your waistline with a big woven belt. To detract from your waist, wear an elegantly draped dress to show off your sexy shoulders or your gorgeous gams. Strappy espadrilles and wedges are the best compliment to any outfit and allow you to punch up the color!

Remember fashion is for everyone. It’s all about having fun and taking risks. This simple “Try Me” guide should help you determine how little or how much you want to indulge in the trend. If you still don’t think you can take on this trend completely, start small with accessories– clay/plastic beaded necklaces, colorful scarves, and wooden bangles.

Try Me (Find out which 60’s look best represents the inner you!)

*Hippie Haute- Pair a painted suede vest with an off the shoulder ivory crepe shift dress. To accessorize, add a few strands of love beads in bold colors.

*WoodStock Chic- Try a long sleeve sheer top under a vintage rock tee and your favorite skinny jeans (yes, not all clothing reverted, say no to bell-bottoms!!). To complete the look, try a tie-dye scarf in your hair. Be brave, you were born to rock!

*Experimentin’ Diva-Attempt a prismatic printed flowy dress. The key is to find the perfect mishmash of colors and fabrics that look good on you! Dare to be different by adding a crochet top over this ensemble. Still want to turn heads? Accompany this look with a perfect wedge and you are sure to steal the show!

Other Hip Ideas- Feel the artistic fever by creating sixties accessories from everyday things.

Crochet headband/belt. Remember how you braided those friendship bracelets years ago with colored yarn? Same concept here. Loosely tie the braided yarn around your head, making sure that it falls in the middle of your forehead. For some added pizazz, add a silk flower into the headband.

Colorful buttons. Simply thread buttons onto an elastic string, stacking different thicknesses and textures will only enhance your necklace or bracelet.

Fringe benefits. Go to your local craft store and grab a fun suede fringe trim. Be bold, choose colors like pink, turquiose, and yellow. Add the trim to the bottom hem of a vintage cropped suede vest.

The Hippie-look incorporates other key trends, as well. From tribal prints to bold colors this melting pot is a scrumptious fun-DO (not fondoe) in fashion.
Don’t be shy, whether you are struttin’ down 5th Avenue or sashaying on Robertson Boulevard, confidence is your key accessory– and that accessory never goes out of style!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Dive into Spring’s coolest hue—- BLUE. Whether you are hangin’ on “Moon Beach” with Louis Vuitton (below) or workin’ it out in Bottega Venetta (bottom), one thing is for sure you are sure to be singin’ a new blues tune. From recycled cotton tees in cerulean to a sharp synthetic suit in navy, it’s more than just denim that is the fabric of choice. So, dump out your crayon box, we are fascinated by every shade– periwinkle, midnight, pacific, and even cornflower. Who knew that our favorite primary had so many unique names!

From the cool ocean water to the beautiful sky above, this season the designers were inspired by nature. As the world turns eco-friendly, green isn’t the only pigment that will bring you back down to earth. But how do you make sure that you don’t jump off the deep end when it comes to sportin’ this royal shade?

Peaceful and serene, these “blue” pieces can be preppy, sporty, and ultra-chic when partnered with the right proportion of neutrals. Ralph Lauren stayed classic while Michael Kors got a little carried away- blotchy blue dye on bleached denim is a bit washed out! D&G took a note from Elvis and kicked off their ensembles with blue suede shoes inspired by Converse. Ted Baker defined tradition with the navy blazer over a pristine turquiose dress shirt, while Cavalli was all about Blue Hawaii- floral printed fabrics.
Just like in nature, it’s all about a feng shui-like balance. Checkers to stripes to argyles, bold prints are making waves this spring too. The right combination of these patterns and solids can determine if you sink or swim. These transitional pieces will have you ready for summer too- even if you are surfin’ the beaches of Maui or basking in the dry desert of Las Vegas– shorts that can be worn wet or dry are just plain- HOT!

Even Hollywood’s hottest leading men are dye-ing to give this trend a try. Whether they are having a casual day out with the boys or struttin their stuff on the red carpet- from Adrian Grenier to Brad to Kanye, each of these hotties knows how to give a new meaning to “rhythm and blues”. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you find the right amount of blue for you!

Do. Layer a baby blue Egyptian cotton t-shirt by Giorgio Armani (available at Saks Fifth Avenue) under a bright, Prussian Blue and Midnight blocked sweater by Marc Jacobs (available at Neiman Marcus). For a relaxed approach try a plaid pair of shorts by Ralph Lauren (available at Dillards)

Don’t. Wear acid wash jeans—please! Stick to your basic denim, remember distress is a mess!

Do. Pair a blue floral print shirt by Modern Amusement (available at moderna with a clean pair of Denim by DSquared (available at Nordstrom)

Don’t. Wear all primary colors together! This is about balance, not shock n’ awe!

Do. Accessorize a basic ensemble with a bright bold watch and shoes. Try the Corum Bubble Men’s XL Automatic Blue Watch (available at Stride into style with sneakers by Dolce & Gabanna (available at
For the men who want to go blue without going broke, here are a few helpful tips. Pull of the Do’s above for less and still have green left in your pockets.

Budget Do #1: Shop for a light blue T-shirt by Hanes (available at Target). Put it under a funky blue argyle hoodie by Vans ( or any surf/skate shop). Pair this with navy cargos for a twist on casual chic.

Budget Do #2: Be bold. Floral and blue striped shirt by Lucky (available at Kick back and relax with Converse One Star jeans in Deep Dawn wash (available at Target)

Budget Do #3: Watch out, here’s a steal that is sure to please, Mossimo Automatic Blue Watch (available at Target). Get one foot ahead of the trend with these blue Converse sneakers(available at You are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's a doggie, dog world. Haven't we always heard that? Well guess what? It most certainly now is a doggie, yet fashionable world we live in.

Statement jewelry is one of the biggest trends in '09! Diamond Dog New York combines two of my best friend's- DIAMONDS and DOGS! Designer and CEO, Suzanne Mates was inspired by the love of her life "Ellie", her dachshund, and her other passion- FASHION! Like the posh pooches that catwalk on 5th avenue, any true fashionista will be struttin' in style with a diamond doggie charm necklace in white gold.

DDNY's couture collection is a must have for any jewelry connoisseur or dog lover. The collection features paws-itively perfect charms, rings, earrings, and chains set in 18 kt white gold and matte yellow gold. Encrusted with micro-pave, white, brown, and black diamonds, hand-cut black Onyx and Sparkling Pink, Blue, and Yellow Sapphires, make DDNY a fine jewelry line that is recognized by the elite socialites of New York and Los Angeles.

My favorite pieces:

18k matte yellow gold, pave’ white
diamonds & hand-cut black onyx.
Shown on 18k DDNY solid cable chain.

18k matte yellow gold, pave’ white
diamonds, hand-cut black onyx & pink sapphire tongue.

18k matte yellow gold, pave’ white diamonds, & paw of hand-cut black onyx.

***To get this gorgeous jewelry on your celebrity clients or on your sexy self, visit the website-!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Alright guys, it's your turn. Whether you are the metro-male, the bad boy or the 'guy's guy'-- a fitted dress shirt is alot more versatile than paired with your Hugo Boss suit. Stripes, plaids, or solids can transform right before your eyes with pieces you already have in your closet. Put your wallet down and take a new look at your favorite dress shirts.

Pinching pennies without compromising current fashion trends-- is it possible? The answer is yes. The fashion movement is called "Trans-fashion". It's the ability to manipulate one item that your currently have one of or multiples of and wear it in a new way that you might not have even thought of before. An important trend for men in '09 is the European fitted and extremely tailored look. Warning, only go for fitted if your body worships the treadmill daily. Stick with a slightly less severe tailored shirt if your body isn't beach-ready. (Don't worry you have some time!)
Here are 5 Dress Shirt Looks that will definitely take you from Winter to Spring in style!

1. DAPPER POET'S SOCIETY. Layers are important when creating a crisp, clean, and polished look. Start with a solid black turtleneck, light color buttoned dress shirt, and a tailored blazer. This look can be dressed up or down depending on mood or attitude. For a casual twist, add a pair of distressed jeans and your favorite kicks. To take this look away from casual, opt for a dark slack and a dressy boot. Celebs who love this look: David Beckham, Hugh Grant, Zac Efron

2. THE BAD BOY. Who doesn't love a bad boy? Edge your personal style by incorporating the vintage rock tee, a dress shirt left open, and a leather jacket. The mixture of textures screams trouble! And now there is another reason to wear your favorite ACDC shirt in a new 2009 kinda way! This look is for the hipster strolling Melrose or the record exec who is scouting new acts. Stick with dark denim for that alternative flair. Just say no to SKINNY jeans, a man should wear jeans that fit his body. (Do not emulate photo completely, could be hazardous to your dating life!) Whether you are a "regular", "mid-sagger", or a "full sag" this ensemble can work for you too! (Note: if you are above the age of 14, a full sag deserves a citation from the Fashion Police). Celebs who love this look: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Rob Patterson

3. A SOLID IN-"VEST"-MENT. How to dress like a GQ cover with your wardrobe basics? Patterns, such as, tweeds, herringbone, and plaids are a big trend for menswear 2009. The easiest way to try this trend is by separating that 3-piece suit that you might have worn once to your best friend's wedding. The key piece is the VEST. Try a solid dress shirt under a fitted vest. Add a stripe tie for a contrast effect. Celebrities who love this look: Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney

4. THE PERFECT PROFESSOR. Here's a quick fashion lesson to learn-- Less is More. Yes, guys this applies to you too. Stay simple- dress shirt, great tie, and a bold sweater. This look works for all body shapes & sizes. Make sure to tuck your dress shirt into your favorite jeans-- no one likes to see your tails sticking out. Take the time to dress for success and you will definitely get an A for applying these rules in fashion! Celebrities who love this look: Michael Vartan, Tom Cruise, Ryan Seacrest

5. THE HOT & HOODED. Experiment with the looks that work for you. A hoodie can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Here's a look that is for the guys who are going from college and transitioning into the Hollywood scene-- begin with a light colored dress shirt, layer on a contrasting sweater, and complete the look with a dark or colored hoodie. Key to pulling this off with ease, stay away from printed or obnoxious graphics on the hoodie. Celebs that love this look: Usher, Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke
And just because I love the men in my life, . . .Here's one more tip, aside from the typical dress shirt, tie, and blazer, why not skip the first 2 buttons on the dress shirt, toss out the tie, and cozy up to the idea of a cardigan. Not talking about Mister Rogers' favorite thing to put on in his neighborhood, but a varsity sweater can be sophisticated without aging you a bit!
Look for more exciting ways to wear your favorite pieces in the weeks to come, . . .every guy can dress with style and still have money for the most important things in the world, like family & friends!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Denim has the blues. But lucky for us, jean depression doesn't last long! It's reached the darkest time and now it's time to "lighten" up. Light wash denim jeans, skirts, and even cropped jackets are making their over-due return to the fashion world. Jeans have been every color in the rainbow over the last decade. It has even seen some creative destruction.

Yes, it does sound a lil circa 1990, the days of Supermodels, Spandex, and the Spice Girls. And the translation to 2009 in fashion has many parallels--- Supermodel icons, such as, Kate, Tyra, and Heidi are still making headlines. Spandex is now the leggings that are paired with everything from jean shorts to dresses. The Spice Girls are still prevalent in the Fashion Icon that is Victoria Beckham. She influenced fashion in the 90's and continues to inspire today!

Celebrities are loving the trend, from Ashley Tisdale to J.Lo, every body type can rock these faded beauties. From super skinny to wide leg, this trend has "bleached" out to suit every fashionista's favorite jeans. The key is to incorporate it into your individual style. Whether you are a fan of a simple tank and scarf or a vintage rock tee and blazer, own this look!

Denim has seen quite the makeover since the 1600's when it was first introduced. But since then, we've seen the cycle perpetuate into modern twists on our favorite must-have item. But revisiting the denim days of the past brings some old familiar friends. Our favorite denim designers of the past are also returning for another shot at the lime "light". Calvin is wanting a comeback like Britney and it's definitely well deserved. Who can't remember the hot Calvin Klein jean ads of the past?

The Boyfriend jean is one of the most popular jeans for the ladies, the over-sized leg and sometimes it's even rolled. Casual, classic, and chic and it's definitely withheld the test of time. Great for a tight fitted top or silky cami to add a flair of texture. This denim trend doesn't just favor the ladies, the men have a light at the end of their closet too-- faded jeans with a lil destruction. And another key to the men's closet that is fading is the skinny jean! Thank God! Definitely wasn't a favorite trend of mine. Men are suppose to wear jeans that flatter the male form, not their girlfriend's jeans.
If you have the denim blues over saying goodbye to your dark jeans, don't fret. They will always be a staple in any man, woman, or child's closet, but if you can find the right lighter hue that makes you happy, go for it!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Every recessionista needs to learn about "trans-fashion". Trans-fashion is the ability to take one standard piece that is typically found in every woman's closet and transition it into more than one outfit. Let's start with the ladies, . . .Suit, Suit, riot? Hardly. The basic black blazer can be transformed easier than you think. The fitted blazer is an important piece of the "Boyfriend" trend, where women are influenced by men's fashion. This little jacket doesn't have to always be paired with a black slack, unless you are a stubborn New Yorker going to an important interview. But for the "laid back, hip" west coasters take note. Dust off the basic black blazer and try these 5 different outfit options.

Below are 5 outfit options, all of them when paired under a fitted blazer come to together beautifully, so go ahead and experiment! These looks can flatter any age range. Fashion is meant to be fun, so if you are brave enough, I challenge you to try all 5 options, your friends will wonder where you had the funds to get 5 new outfits, but it will be our lil secret that you just needed a stylist's help and your own confidence to rock a whole new you!

1. THE SEX KITTEN. Take a note from actress Amanda Bynes, pair a blazer over a sexy dress to make any outfit a lil more polished and adds just the right amount of sophistication. Don't be afraid to try an animal print or a silky chiffon sundress. Blazers definitely help to transition from winter to spring. Think date night or red carpet, because you will definitely have heads turning. If you have gorgeous gams like Ms. Bynes, try going high fashion, by rockin' ankle booties with this look. Young Hollywood has embraced this trend with open arms and it has suited them quite well. Celebs who love this look: Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Aniston, and Heather Locklear

2. GEO-METRY GODDESS. Try a bold print or geometric pattern over black opaque tights. The contrast is pure genius. Keep the accessories in a pewter shade, keys being: large shades, textured belt, and flat suede boots. The dark colored tights give the illusion of length and a knee-high boot draws the eyes down to the floor. The cardigan keeps the femininity and by adding the blazer, creates the perfect symmetry of structure! Celebs who love this look: Drew Barrymore, Ashley Tisdale, and Jessica Alba

3. ROCK 'N ROLLER. Inside every good girl is an inner bad girl, this outfit lets you expose that Joan Jett, Pat Benetar that is dying to be unleashed! The best part of this look--- its sooo simple and chic that you have these items in your closet!! Black cami/tank, lighter denim (even a faded grey works) To vamp up this vixen-look, add patent leather kitten heels if you are to shopping on Robertson, but if you have a date at the House of Blues later, opt for a sensational studded stiletto. The blazer need not be boring ladies, try a leather blazer that is fitted to your sexy shape! Add some pizazz with a fun handbag.
Celebs who love this look: Duffy, Rachel Bilson, and Miley Cyrus

4. UPTOWN GIRL. What happens when you take your favorite blue tunic and your favorite dark skinny jeans and pair it with a blazer? You get the new uptown girl. East or west-- this can work for you! Turn up the color in the tunic- try primary colors-- red, yellow, and blue! Spice up the look by incorporating a key trend in
'09- FRINGE. The fringe should always be subtle and in an accessory, so why not a fringed handbag? To bring an urban flavor, add a beanie cap for those chilly spring days shopping in SoHo or running errands in the Village. Keep the boot basic to tie the look together. Celebs who love this look: Kate Beckinsale, Leona Lewis, Audrina Patridge

5. DELIGHTFUL DARLING. Sweet meets chic. Basic t-shirt,
comfy cardigan, your favorite jean, plus a tailored blazer equals delightful darling. Its great for day to day, from office to play date. Even mommy's need a re-charge in their wardrobe and this playful ensemble is a perfect combination. Remember, accessories can make or break an outfit. Sometimes you can base a whole outfit on just the floral headband or colored sweater. It's about being creative, this outfit can even be Boho with the right scarf and statement jewelry--- big colorful beads or a few strainds of thin gold chains. Celebs that love this look: Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, and Taylor Swift