Friday, February 27, 2009

Alexander McQueen is right on TARGET

McQ makes it's way to a Target near you. Yes, you heard me, McQ, the moderate priced line by innovative fashion designer and legend Alexander McQueen. As for the inspiration behind this specific collection:

“We use icons in British music, and [Liela Moss] stood out. She’s a great-looking girl and has a personal style. It fell into the idea of the New York underground music scene. It was more the atmosphere she portrays.”

A clearer idea of the collection in the designer's words, “The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and mesh give items an edge. There are studded jeans, shorts and denim jackets with asymmetrical closures, short tuxedo jackets and matching shorts, dresses in a blue and white painterly fabric, a one-shoulder dress in a gray-and-black zigzag pattern with a thick black belt, and a T-shirt with the image of Moss. The designer’s favorite pieces in the line include “the pink and black pieces and the little prom dresses.”
The images above are (left) of Leila in in a cotton mesh dress and rayon tank from McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, and the image on the right features a Silk-screen cotton jersey T-shirt over cotton and spandex denim pants by McQ Alexander McQueen for Target.

I applaud McQ for following in the fancy economy-friendly footsteps of Isaac, Cynthia, Rogan, and Converse. With the recession in full effect, this will definitely help the recessionistas that are still trying to maintain trend while still pinching pennies. So far, the line reminds me alot of the days of NYC and CBGB's but with a lil more McQueen-vibe in the cuts and fabric choices. So, I suggest grabbing a unique piece to incorporate into your already stacked wardrobe and make it your own! We give McQueen kudos for economical fashion in 2009!


With President Obama's speech, echoes of the FDR era rang through and through. High end luxuries are no longer realistic, especially when the families who have never had to budget, have to budget now. But the 1930's although were tough, taught us to be thrifty and create a New Deal and let's not forget how the fashion industry flourished afterwards. That was the decade of Dior's "New Look". In 2009, the Fashionista must become the Recessionista.

Most men and women are bored with their current wardrobe and do not have the budget to hire a personal stylist or can't afford the threads that Kate, Brad, Jen, and George can. So, how do you re-create new style from your old comfy favorites? Just take a step back and we'll have you cleaning your closet and re-vamping that little black dress, a basic blazer, a traditional suit, vest, and we are not leaving the little ones out of this fashion equation. The whole family needs to remain on budget and still be trendsetters.

Every week I will post 5 Solutions to a typical piece that most of us have in our closet already, but maybe we didn't look at it in a new way. Clothes become boring because we have a method to our madness and only wear it with a certain belt, certain shoe, etc. This will go outside of just the women. I will also show the fellas how to incorporate new ideas that will take you from the office to guy's night out! And even though I am not a mommy, myself, little ones are affected by the economy too! I have enough younger nieces & nephews and friend's with children to get my expertise right on target. For the little ones who grow so fast, I will show you how to mix and match pieces to maintain longevity without ever wearing the same piece the same way ever again!

Spruce up your Spring Wardrobe no matter what city you live in. Learn to love FASHION when your pocketbook doesn't!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sparkling champagne wasn't just flowing in the glasses at the Oscars. It was also raining on the red carpet. Shimmery decadence ran rampid on the red carpet runway and Old Hollywood elegance was in the air. Tinseltown's brightest continued to impress us on the Biggest Night of the Year. The Oscars were the frosting on the award season cake. So, pop open the bubbly and let the fashion critique begin, . . .who took the cake? and who's choices were crumby?

Let's start with a toast to Oscar Fashion. "Here's to the women who made Oscar 2009 a night to remember in fashion. May they always look back and remember the good fashion and may you appreciate your stylists who have encouraged and with a stylish hand have guided your image!"

1. Kate "Brings It Every time" Winslet. She continues to amaze me with her choices. Whether its Narcisco Rodriguez or YSL, one word to describe this insanely talented actress: "breathless". She really channeled her inner Hollywood starlet in her pewter Atelier YSL gown. She defined grace, with a sleek soft curl and clean makeup. Even in 2009, we have an essence of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Jean Harlow. Absolutely "breathless" and stunning with the cut, silhouette, and combination of textures, no one can steal the "Best" title from her!

2. Anne "Is there Anything this Girl Can't Do" Hathaway. She made us fall in love with her in Princess Diaries and had us wanting to marry her in Bride Wars and Rachel Getting Married. Another talented actress who has a spirit and fashion sense that is influenced by her greatest role models in Julie Andrews, Meryl Streep, Julie Roberts, all of which have also made Best Dressed lists, respectively. Armani Prive needs to offer this girl an international campaign, because all eyes were on her in the glitterly strapless number. A modern day Audrey? I think so.

3. Dark "Angel"ina Jolie. Thank you. Thank you, the World's Most Beautiful Woman is back on the fashion charts and for good reason too. Sinfully sensational in Elie Saab, Angelina's dark angelic presence was a force to be reckoned with. She kept it simple, by sweeping her hair away from her exquisite face. Her bold emerald green earrings were the best accent to her overall vibe. And best accessory?? Umm, . . .Brad Pitt, and sorry ladies, you can't buy that or borrow that from even the best showrooms in town! But on a fashion couple note-how hot were they on the carpet?

4. Natalie "Perfect in Pink" Portman. All hail the queen? Orchid never looked this good. Ms. Portman pulled it together again in Rodante and the silhouette was to die-for. It was nice to see a splash of color on the carpet amidst the sea of white, cream, and champagne that flourished throughout. Swarkovski crystals embellished the gown in just the right dose. For not being nominated, this starlet was twinkling the brightest.

5. Penelope "Couture" Cruz' in vintage Balmain and looked like a real princess as she danced down the carpet. Glenda the good witch could never pull this one off, can we say Best Supporting Actress?? Her blush-colored gown was supported with a structured bodice and incredible detailing across the bust and the textured fullness in the skirt was exquisite.

To be continued, . . .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Hot Piece of Ash, . . .

Sitting in her comfy sweats getting her makeup and hair done, a beautiful and bubbly Ashlan Gorse couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. I think that is what catches your attention first, her sweet smile is captivating along with her goddess-like height and appearance. She isn't your typical LA blonde, this southern belle is a a rare find in Hollywood and her beaming personality radiates that through and through. She quickly greeted me with a hug like we'd been friends for years and immediately I thought, 'this is going to be a great shoot' because typically the models aren't excited when they see the "stylist" who is going to put them in sexy lingerie or skimpy swimsuits. Ashlan and I briefly exchanged messages beforehand about the vision I was thinking for her. I had only seen her briefly on E! News and right away thought "Bond-girl, bombshell, and a new play on vintage pin-up". She loved my idea and my portfolio and thus began the amazing fashion story that is now on!

Ashlan's eyes lit up when she walked into my perfectly organized wardrobe suite at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. The E! News camera crew in toe, we started going through what we felt was the hottest outfits for her shoot. Ashlan found some of her favorites and I showed her what I was thinking for Look 1 which was going to be her kneeling on this beautiful chaise bed. (Look for it tonight on E! News - check your local listings)

You would never be able to tell that we shot this beautifully sexy fashion editorial on the most "rain-iest" day in Los Angeles, because the atmosphere at the shoot was sunny, fun, and full of laughs. It was great energy that maintained throughout the long day of shooting. FHM proves yet again, that you can be FASHIONABLE and still be sexy at the same time. I love working with FHM because they allow me to really bring a fashion flair to these photo shoots, which I know the celebrities and their publicists love.

This southern belle from North Carolina exudes Hollywood glamour and has a unique style all her own. I think what makes any girl sexy is her ability to transform from "Girl Next Door" to "Red Carpet Goddess" and Ashlan makes that transition effortless. Her zest for life lights up the room and her dramatic "come hither" look can make anyone melt.

Ashlan loves "vintage" lingerie and some of her favorite pieces were the Ashley Paige suits that had a pin-up feel, PussyCat Dolls, Shh, . . .by Robin Antin for BEBE, and the Coco De Mer high waisted pieces. I was excited that we got to do alot of looks that day, because to be honest I could've stayed there all day it was like dressing up your best friend.

How to Get Ashlan's Look:

HAIR: Loose curls and swept away from the face. Start with small sections of the hair with a medium barrel curling iron and then a lil spray. Sweep your fingers through it carefully to give that sexy "Farrah-like" movement without looking feathery over-done. Spray a lil shine spray and you too can have that fabulously tossled bedroom hair like Ashlan.

MAKEUP: Glowy and warm tones are easy to achieve with a great bronzer and to play up the smoldering "bombshell" look, do a silvery smokey eye and line the eyes with liquid liner for more drama. Mascara is key to finishing the eyes. Don't go overboard with the lips, nude or a gloss is better when trying to steal this beauty look. Glamour without trying too hard is the secret!

FASHION: Check out for all the credits and then SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! I promise, whether you are buying it for your girlfriend or buying it to surprise your significant other, Valentine's Day can happen more than once a year!

And watch this bombshell on E! News and check her out LIVE on the Red Carpet come Oscar Sunday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

51st GRAMMY AWARDS: Let's Hear It For the Boys!

Amidst all the chaotic news of Grammy weekend, there were several fashion crimes committed on the red carpet on February 8th, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. On music's hottest night the MEN were out-shining the ladies. The musical fellas got it right and women were singing a whole new tune. Who hit a high note with their style choices? And who was way off-key?

Favorite Fellas for Grammy Fashion:

NE-YO. This is definitely the "Year of the Gentleman", because NeYo's fashion forward threads were a lethal combination of textures and precise silhouette. Love a man who can dress well, and ladies, NeYo knows how to rock a hot ensemble on any red carpet!

JAY-Z. No surprise on this one, the Jigga-man brought his A-game to the red carpet runway. He looks like a sophisticated DA and ready for trial, oh wait, he definitely will be dealing with alot of the legal issues that took place over Grammy weekend. Rockin' the shades and a clean crisp suit, which is very "Clyde", but why was his "Bonnie" not on point?

T.I. Tan suit and vest, with a funky pair of denim sums up T.I. and he continues to impress us with his style choices. I would say his style is definitely not "Dead and Gone", he knows how to bring "Sexy Back". And his fiancee gives a whole new meaning to "Bling, Bling".

ROBIN THICKE. This R&B crooner's voice isn't the only thing that is sexy and svelt, so is his fashion. Mr. Thicke definitely kept it monochromatic but did it oh-so well. His best accessory goes to his gorgeous wife, Paula in a black and peach vintage dress with cap sleeves. This couple is pure class. "How does it feel" to be a sex god in the music world?

KINGS OF LEON. Wow. These boys clean up really well and definitely get "style" points for their collaborative effort on the carpet. Each member maintaining a sense of individuality, but still remaining true to their rock image. Skinny ties seem to suit this group well. I adore the variations of textures in the lapels and the choice of leather instead of a blazer. Good job guys!

And now for the FASH-TASTROPHES, . . .Who was Off-Key at the 2009 Grammys? What were they thinking? And what husband and wife both made my "Fash-tastrophe" list. The Wow.

Wow. MIA. We know that this is one Mommy who is "Missing It All" together. I applaud fashion risks, but really? What kinda of statement is this? Baby bump or not, this is definitely a piece that should never have an encore.

Why. Paula Abdul. Hey Paula! Why would you rock a bright yellow and then add gold belts all over it? It doesn't really say "goddess", it says "hot mess". I am kinda surprised, because this "Forever Your Girl" usually does better than this, maybe she fired her stylist?!? Here's a tip that anyone can relate too, unless you are hiphop, if the words rhyme they do not go to together, hence BOLD and GOLD!

Whoa. J-Hud, this was a total dud. Napkins are meant to be on your lap, not stuffed into your decolletage. This Dream Girl didn't hit the right note in this dress. The diagonal-pleated waist looks like an electric tape belt. Although, points for her body which is looking quite fabulous. The only part of the dress that is a save is the pencil skirt that hugs her curves. We will let it go this time, since this beauty is dealing from a tremedous loss.

Whoops. Gwen, my darling Gwen, you are such a fashion icon, but maybe you were out of something to wear or Madonna was trying to play "stylist"? That is the only possible reason that you would've ever chosen this fash-tastrophe! Gwen's impeccable taste typically includes Lanvin to Galliano to Chanel, this glittery outfit is a total miss on the fashion radar. And leggings? We know the Grammy's are not the Oscars but they also aren't a Hannah Montana video casting.

What were THEY thinking? Coldplay's fashion was bizarre?? To say the least, maybe whoever styled Gwen wanted to style the boys of ColdPlay too and maybe that person should be exiled to Tacky Island? These guys are #1 on the charts, but off the charts when it comes to style. These boys are not known for style, but Chris, we love the vintage rock tees, distressed blazers and scarfs that you rock all over NYC. But the "ColorBlinded" Sergeant Peppers get-up is just not a good look! What were YOU thinking??

The Grammy's are always known for the insane fashion choices that are made. Image Consultants are used at every reputable label. They are the people who help to develop the artist's over all image by listening to the music and marrying the two together to create a marketable package that the media will love. Music artists use fashion as an expression, but ask yourself, what kind of expression are you trying to make? a noted and respected one? or one that makes us want to hire you a good stylist?