Thursday, November 5, 2009


Since you were a little girl, you dream of your wedding day, what your dress would look like, where you'd get married, who would be there, what gifts you'd get, where you'd plan your honeymoon. Many of us, are like Emma and Liv in the film Bride Wars, we played dress up for the day, we even made Barbie & Ken walk down the aisle, but is there any possibility that this fairytale will come true?

May/June and Weddings, are pretty much inevitable. What goes into the "Big Day"? Sure there are a million reality tv shows that show the drama leading up to the wedding (mostly on the Brides part, not so good ladies!) When researching bridal trends, I decided to go right to the source, someone who had recently been through all of this and was successful. A friend of mine from high school, Erin Boorom (now, Hines) was able to help clear some of the Wedding Planning secrets. Erin said, "It was fun to reflect".

So, what does a bride to be need to know when Wedding Planning? Erin's honest answers will both surprise you, but reading her responses make anyone who isn't married want to get married!

(FT= Fashion Thread & EBH= Erin Boorom Hines)

FT: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when planning for your "Big Day"?

EBH: Go with your gut! This will you in any situation you encounter. If something feels off, it probably is, and you should sleep on it before deciding, especially if it is a big ticket item such as the reception or the gown. In all of my dealings, I only felt that "sinking" feeling about ONE thing and it turned out to be the one thing I still regret after the wedding.(Which was her wedding planner, yikes! Erin reminds us to always go with your gut instinct, learn quickly who is blowing hot "baby's breath" and who is legit!)

FT: At what age did you start visualizing your Wedding Day?

EBH: I honestly don't remember!! I know it became more more real to me in my twenties.

FT: How close was your actual Wedding Day to what you had envisioned as a child?

EBH: Smaller, but more magical, fun, and intimate than I ever could've imagined.

FT: Who planned the wedding? reception? Did you hire a Wedding Planner? If so, how did you know him/her was right for your wedding?

EBH: I planned most of it but did have a Wedding Planner for the week and day of. Of all the vendors, I was most disappointed in the Wedding Planner. She was expensive and IMO (In My Opinion, who knew!) not worth the fee she was paid.

FT: Be honest, how much did your fiance' (now husband) contribute to the process?

EBH: In the months leading up to the wedding, I was more involved in the details like contacting vendors, researching and brainstorming decorations, favors, gifts, etc. However, he attended every appointment with vendors, the shopping trips, and made sure anything I assigned to him got done. In the last week before the wedding, it (the wedding) and I (the bride) would've fallen apart without him. He was cool under pressure and just got all the details pulled together.

FT: (Kudos Frank, although I do not know you, you give all those grooms out there someone to live up to! They say that planning a wedding & especially the week leading up to the wedding helps test the problem-solving skills between you and your partner. And you pass with FLYING COLORS!)

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. We wish Erin and Frank many more memories of wedding bliss! Thank you for sharing with us a taste of love!

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