Sunday, November 1, 2009


NEW YORK — When you first saw Christian Siriano on the fourth season of "Project Runway,” you probably didn’t care much for him. The skinny guy from Baltimore had a crazy Flock of Seagulls hairdo and an arrogant attitude.

Christian Siriano

However, by the end of the season, his talent and his personality became the show’s best ever: He was the first (and only) person to win both the competition and fan favorite. Nearly two years since the premiere of that season, Siriano has staged three critically acclaimed shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and has launched partnerships with major brands.
He’s on tour promoting his new book, "Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self.” We caught up with Siriano on his way to his downtown studio.
Q: Aveda did the hair for your fashion show?
A: They’ve done the past couple of seasons. I love them. They’re the best!
Q: So why a book?
A: I guess when the opportunity came up right after the show, I thought it was really interesting. I knew that my book could be really visual. A follow-up to get everyone their fashion fix. I wanted it to be serious and fun.
Q: Define "ferosh.”
A: Being fierce is a state of being, not something you can become. It’s a high point of being a certain persona. Ferosh is a downgraded version of being fierce.
Q: Have you been watching Season 6?
A: I have watched a few episodes, but I’m not up to date. It’s hard to sit at home and have a night to yourself.
Q: They still say "fierce” and "hot mess” all of the time.
A: I guess so! All of my phrases are going. When Tim and I write each other e-mails, it’s all in there.
Q: What’s good about this season?
A: I think the talent level is a little bit higher than last season. I’m waiting for something amazing to be done.
Q: What’s the one thing women must buy for fall 2009?
A: A great amazing coat or jacket — you wear it every day anyway. It’s your look. If it’s special and ornate and unique, that’s amazing.
Q: What’s the one thing we shouldn’t wear?
A: With the economy, people are about pairing low-budget and high-end. For me, underdressing is the trend that’s not working. I don’t think (the poor economy) means you shouldn’t look your best.
Q: In your book, you say that you shouldn’t wear the identical look twice.
A: Mix what you have, as best as you can. That’s what makes you individual and makes your style. You learn from yourself.
Q: You’ve done a lot since "Project Runway.” What’s your goal?
A: To build my brand and make sure the clothing side of my company grows and develops. I’ve been doing accessories and things for other companies. But I want to have shoes and bags and jewelry and makeup all under the same brand. And in five years, I might be bored and join a circus.
Q: You’re going to have a new show on Bravo — what took so long?
A: I think having a TV show without anything to do on a TV show is boring. I needed it to have a strong background.

(Source: McClatchy-Tribune)

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