Sunday, November 1, 2009


The closer to winter and the cooler the air, the better stars are seen. And let’s hope these Stars will predict us fur, silk and diamonds. So, have a look at those of us who will get something fallen from the sky and earn it hard weekdays long running through boutiques in the Fashion Horoscope November 2009.

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Is there anything that can disappoint Scorpio this November? Many of you will celebrate birthdays partying, receiving presents and meeting with the friends and sweethearts. Our greetings! Wish you all the best! Stars have prepared one more present for you. Those of you who want to switch for another work place will do it successfully. New professional cares are promised to be very creative and interesting. Probably, it’s what you were in need of – the feeling of novelty and personal significance. Now you’ll get it! Going for shopping, look for the best dress for the party. You’ll be in a focus all the time among the friends and colleges who want to share your holiday.


You know how to do everything. At least, you have mastered everything you are interested in. Now you want to spare more time for your new hobby but you can’t succeed in it regularly. Don’t get upset! You’ll be able to find time for small but full vacation pretty soon. Moreover, Stars say that if you decide to turn the current hobby into something serious, feel free to do it. Just don’t be in a hurry! The same can be said about shopping – don’t hurry! Don’t buy a thing without trying it on. The best November purchase is a coat with attractive trimming.


You’ll feel the development of intuition this November. But you should find out if you can trust it. Don’t worry – you can! You might want to attend a seminar on this theme. Don’t be ashamed to ask your half to go with you, he won’t be against. Trust Stars. Pay your attention on the roomy, accurate and no bulky handbags while shopping. Now you’ll need exactly this kind of bags to put your fave books in there.


Do you feel yourself tired? Is it hard to wake up in the mornings? Can’t collect your thoughts without a cup of coffee? Aquarian, you are quite well with your health, but you have to go to a vacation, for sure. Unfortunately, no one will let you go there right now. Thus Stars advise you to start to negotiate with chiefs on prolonging the Christmas holidays. You want to be surrounded by silence in a country house in the mountains where you can relax and think. So, it’s high time you got ready for it. Buy a nice and comfortable jacket for the walks in nature. Bright and cheerful one will be the best decision!


Pisces want changes. And what is more important, you are ready for them. Be brave and receive the new work offer even if it requires a change of the residence. You won’t regret about it! One more recommendation from the Stars who want to leave her darling this November. That’s the right decision! Stars provide you with their support. To conquer the new horizons you need a new outfit! Try on the bright and extravagant clothes! Don’t try to stay unnoticed as it doesn’t work with you, make a sexy chic statement!


Speaking honestly, almost all Aries are adventurers. You won’t be able to hold your passion to risks and adventures this November. You’ll get involved into complicated projects, agree to mysterious journeys to places you can’t pronounce the mane of, and more probably you will have a hard romance with impetuous continuation. How to prepare the wardrobe to such an eventful month? You are a rockstar in whatever you wear. The first must-have is comfortable shoes. And to be mobile and not get cold or be exhausted by the heat (no one knows where the adventurism will bring you to), you’d better buy a nice jacket made of leather. The other piece that is a must have for you is a vest of the faux fur trimming – be animal friendly and savvy all in one.


Unlike Aries, Taurus is a perfect example of stability and discretion. But what is the reason? Do you want to please everyone? You are extremely tired of the tension that you can’t hide from the Stars. That’s why you should be a penny-pincher and egoist a bit. Buy the best present for your darling-self! Don’t wait for the New Year or your B-day to please yourself. Star it this November! Delegate some of your work powers to the colleges. Don’t try to control the whole world around. Try to entrust some home cares to your half while you follow the strict schedule of three S: Salon, Spa, Shopping. No hassle! As a present to you, you can look for a feminine dress or boots. Though, take both!


Despite the tough and rich tempo of life, you can always find a minute to dream. And your dreams flow about one and the only everlasting love. Though the fact that there is someone next to you trying to catch your attention – you don’t react. Stars signal to you pointing the importance of the moment. But it seems that you can’t notice a meteorite falling onto you. Note some clothes emphasizing your romantic nature when shopping. Knitted flowing mid-length dresses, close-fitting in the waist coat and guys, try a contrasting bold dress shirt with a luxurious velvet blazer – that’s what you need.


Cancer is in bliss and harmony. You feel good about your home. You’re satisfied with your second half. There are no troubles concerning kids. Everyone is pleased with you as well – parents, bosses and family. Idyll! It means that you are happy! But shopping is the entertainment for any-spirited women. What you should pay your attention to is jewelry! Gold, silver, emeralds, rubies and colored glass will fit you! It’s up to you what to choose.


November. Birds fly away, leaves fall off, and rains are the rule. But Leo sees completely different picture from the window. November will be your candy month. A lot of love, creativity and merry moods! Isn’t it your happiness? The only thing Stars don’t recommend you is self-analisys. Don’t do this or quiet it in case you do. Beautify your happy month with super shopping! You don’t need to look for something sparkling and flamboyant, but try the clothes that demonstrate your good taste.


What is going to happen with Virgo in November? If you are lonely – it’s not for long. Stars predict you an interesting meeting that can have a long lasting. Curious? Have you already built a nest? Sure, you have!
But you should get ready to it. Stars promise aesthete and connoisseur of beauty (predominantly yours) into your pair. What should you seek after shopping? You have a dress, coat and even a couple of scarves. Then look for boots accentuating the delicacy of your legs and fitting long walks under the moon light.


Libra is full of plans. You want everything right now. Ambition is great! But don’t be surprised that you have to sacrifice your private life and rest at present. One way or another, but your efforts are not in vain. You’ll succeed with everything you've ever dreamed of if you just take a big risk! The end of the year has you traveling from coast to coast, so be prepared to be New York prep and California dreamin'. Choose an outfit depending on the sort of event you are going to – a stunning shirt and slacks with a bold accessory that provides a splash of color.

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