Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dancing With the Stars pros don't sleep when dancing's done!

by Kristine Gasbarre 

Kym Johnson is the 33-year-old Australian stunner who seemlessly has found her home on American television for the past three years as a pro ballroom dancer (and two-time runner-up) on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. This week Kym celebrated her win with her celebrity partner, timeless entertainer Donny Osmond.
At press time we were waiting to learn Kym's Dancing With the Stars fate with Osmond on Tuesday night's results show, but during our chat she made one thing clear: when the season's finished and the stage is stripped, the excitement in her career never stops. In this exclusive interview Kym opened up on her intimate hopes for her future and how she'll spend the next few months -- she'll kick off the holiday season with her Broadway debut on November 27 in the dance show Burn the Floor.
When we talked to Kym, she was surrounded by backstage pre-broadcast intensity -- but still she gave a calm and endearing interview that demonstrated perfectly why America has taken in this Aussie beauty as one of our own.
LimeLife: Kym, you're making your Broadway debut in Burn the Floor later this month. Just recently you were quoted saying, "As a little girl growing up in Australia, my dream was to perform on Broadway." So what's it like to be living your dream as a pro dancer in two of the biggest dance shows in the world [Burn the Floor and Dancing With the Stars]?
Kym Johnson: I've been dancing since I was three, it's just something I've always loved to do - I always wanted to do it, you know? I've just always been interested in entertainment and I feel very fortunate that I'm still working in the industry. And then to top it off I get to go to Broadway! It's a good career, it's awesome.
LimeLife: And so you'll be in New York over the holidays?
Kym Johnson: Yeah, it's going to be so much fun. I get to spend Christmas in New York, which I'm so excited about...a white Christmas. I'm used to sunny, hot Christmas days in Australia and we have a barbecue and stuff. So [New York] will be wonderful.
LimeLife: We want to come and see you in Burn the Floor!
Kym Johnson: There you go!
LimeLife: Kym, when you look into the next few years, what do you envision for your life?
Kym Johnson: This Broadway thing is one tick off my list. Obviously I'd love to settle down a little bit more and possibly have kids in the near future. I would also love to do something in Vegas as well, I spend a lot of time there now. I can't dance forever, and I've done a bit of TV presenting and some hosting work, so that would be nice to get into. A dance school is definite - definitely want a dance school of my own. There are so many things I want to try. It's exciting.
LimeLife: And what would you say is the most important thing you've learned in your early thirties so far?
Kym Johnson: I remember when I was turning 30 and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can't believe it.' But it's actually a really great age. I just feel really comfortable with myself, and my career's actually better than it's ever been in my thirties. The hard things I've been working for are happening for me right now. There's so much to look forward to - settling down and having kids, and things with my career. I really feel like I'm ready for that now.

LimeLife: How does your family deal with you living so far away, especially over the holidays?
Kym Johnson: That's really tough. My mum actually is here at the moment. She's been here for four weeks, so hopefully we get through tonight and she's going to stay as long as we can go on the show. Because I want her to see that, she's so proud. Mum comes over quite a lot. When I get a break in between seasons I go home, so I normally go home three times a year because I've got my nephews and my niece, who I just adore. I miss them a lot. And all my girlfriends, I've got a lot of them back at home. They keep visiting me, which is a good excuse for them to come to the States. Then my mum and dad are going to come back for Christmas - they'll spend Christmas Eve in Australia, and then they'll fly to America on Christmas Day and they'll actually gain a day [to arrive] on Christmas Day. I do miss my family a lot.
Did you miss the first part of our exclusive interview with Kym Johnson? Catch up on what she revealed about her Dancing With the Stars experience here. Also, check out this video of Kym and Donny Osmond's gorgeous Viennese waltz that aired live the night before we spoke with her.

This interview is exclusively for LimeLife.com.

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