Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This Spring embrace your inner flower child. A kaleidoscope of colors cascaded down the catwalk by many of your favorite designers, reminiscent of the soarin’ sixties. This love fest is emphasized by a far out palette, from lavender to teal. transcend to the Age of Aquarius!
From the mass array of fringe at Pucci (left), to the bell bottom sleeves at Gaultier (middle), to the patchwork of psychedelic prints at Etro (bottom), these ensembles are groovy, baby!
Just like today, we protest the war in Iraq, the sixties were a time of peace & love. Those mindless, carefree, experimental days had a huge impact on fashion. Mix the free-wheelin’ fashion, a lil’ rock n’ roll edge, and add a splash of seventies spirit—-you have the new “Hippie Revival”.

Light flowy fabrics, such as, silks to chiffons paired with rugged suedes and leathers graced the runway in solid harmony. These lethal combinations are a perfect way to spice up anyone’s wardrobe. Infuse vintage pieces from your mother’s closet with your favorite jeans. Bring on the kaftans, prairie skirts, and headbands!

The sensational silhouettes are perfect for everyone to try. Whether you are wanting to show a lil or show alot. Find pieces that will work for your body type. Show the assets that you are most proud of. If you want to highlight your waist– cinch your waistline with a big woven belt. To detract from your waist, wear an elegantly draped dress to show off your sexy shoulders or your gorgeous gams. Strappy espadrilles and wedges are the best compliment to any outfit and allow you to punch up the color!

Remember fashion is for everyone. It’s all about having fun and taking risks. This simple “Try Me” guide should help you determine how little or how much you want to indulge in the trend. If you still don’t think you can take on this trend completely, start small with accessories– clay/plastic beaded necklaces, colorful scarves, and wooden bangles.

Try Me (Find out which 60’s look best represents the inner you!)

*Hippie Haute- Pair a painted suede vest with an off the shoulder ivory crepe shift dress. To accessorize, add a few strands of love beads in bold colors.

*WoodStock Chic- Try a long sleeve sheer top under a vintage rock tee and your favorite skinny jeans (yes, not all clothing reverted, say no to bell-bottoms!!). To complete the look, try a tie-dye scarf in your hair. Be brave, you were born to rock!

*Experimentin’ Diva-Attempt a prismatic printed flowy dress. The key is to find the perfect mishmash of colors and fabrics that look good on you! Dare to be different by adding a crochet top over this ensemble. Still want to turn heads? Accompany this look with a perfect wedge and you are sure to steal the show!

Other Hip Ideas- Feel the artistic fever by creating sixties accessories from everyday things.

Crochet headband/belt. Remember how you braided those friendship bracelets years ago with colored yarn? Same concept here. Loosely tie the braided yarn around your head, making sure that it falls in the middle of your forehead. For some added pizazz, add a silk flower into the headband.

Colorful buttons. Simply thread buttons onto an elastic string, stacking different thicknesses and textures will only enhance your necklace or bracelet.

Fringe benefits. Go to your local craft store and grab a fun suede fringe trim. Be bold, choose colors like pink, turquiose, and yellow. Add the trim to the bottom hem of a vintage cropped suede vest.

The Hippie-look incorporates other key trends, as well. From tribal prints to bold colors this melting pot is a scrumptious fun-DO (not fondoe) in fashion.
Don’t be shy, whether you are struttin’ down 5th Avenue or sashaying on Robertson Boulevard, confidence is your key accessory– and that accessory never goes out of style!

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