Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Denim has the blues. But lucky for us, jean depression doesn't last long! It's reached the darkest time and now it's time to "lighten" up. Light wash denim jeans, skirts, and even cropped jackets are making their over-due return to the fashion world. Jeans have been every color in the rainbow over the last decade. It has even seen some creative destruction.

Yes, it does sound a lil circa 1990, the days of Supermodels, Spandex, and the Spice Girls. And the translation to 2009 in fashion has many parallels--- Supermodel icons, such as, Kate, Tyra, and Heidi are still making headlines. Spandex is now the leggings that are paired with everything from jean shorts to dresses. The Spice Girls are still prevalent in the Fashion Icon that is Victoria Beckham. She influenced fashion in the 90's and continues to inspire today!

Celebrities are loving the trend, from Ashley Tisdale to J.Lo, every body type can rock these faded beauties. From super skinny to wide leg, this trend has "bleached" out to suit every fashionista's favorite jeans. The key is to incorporate it into your individual style. Whether you are a fan of a simple tank and scarf or a vintage rock tee and blazer, own this look!

Denim has seen quite the makeover since the 1600's when it was first introduced. But since then, we've seen the cycle perpetuate into modern twists on our favorite must-have item. But revisiting the denim days of the past brings some old familiar friends. Our favorite denim designers of the past are also returning for another shot at the lime "light". Calvin is wanting a comeback like Britney and it's definitely well deserved. Who can't remember the hot Calvin Klein jean ads of the past?

The Boyfriend jean is one of the most popular jeans for the ladies, the over-sized leg and sometimes it's even rolled. Casual, classic, and chic and it's definitely withheld the test of time. Great for a tight fitted top or silky cami to add a flair of texture. This denim trend doesn't just favor the ladies, the men have a light at the end of their closet too-- faded jeans with a lil destruction. And another key to the men's closet that is fading is the skinny jean! Thank God! Definitely wasn't a favorite trend of mine. Men are suppose to wear jeans that flatter the male form, not their girlfriend's jeans.
If you have the denim blues over saying goodbye to your dark jeans, don't fret. They will always be a staple in any man, woman, or child's closet, but if you can find the right lighter hue that makes you happy, go for it!

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