Saturday, January 16, 2010


HOLLYWOOD, CA, January 16, 2010  -- Platinum Publicity is kicking off this year's Golden Globes weekend with a roar, hosting a showcase for the plethora of celebrities while also uniting Hollywood for a good cause, "Hollywood Helps Haiti". Melanie Segal, CEO of Platinum Publicity's hosted her annual Golden Globes Celebrity Lounge, hosted by the House of Blues with a clear vision in mind. "After the horrific events that took place a little more than 24 hours ago, it's important that we can all help in the relief efforts," said Segal.

Those who are invited are getting a first look at new products that are coming out and get introduced to some fabulous new companies. From Crystal Light to 2 xist underwear to luxurious Croton watches, and Club Niko Brazillian leather shoes to the upcoming 2010 Capelta collection, there is something for everyone. Capelta is new boot company that is planning on showcasing more than a few of its newer styles and establish their long-anticipated knee-high and thigh-high medley of women's boots.

Platinum Publicity has decided to focus its event charity on raising knowledge and resources for reinforcement in Haiti, due to this week's heartbreaking earthquake in Haiti where several people are feared deceased.

At the event that took place Thursday and Friday celebrities will sign Melanie Segal's Celebrity Event "Hollywood Helping Haiti" shirts that will additionally be auctioned off for Haiti assistance. She is also texting "Haiti" to 90999 for every celebrity that attended the event.

Even in a dire fiscal period, Hollywood's hottest is in search of ways to remit direct support to Haiti, a famously weak and corruption-plagued territory. One of the most publicized ways to contribute to Haiti earthquake help efforts is via texting.

Melanie Segal is one of the leader's in philanthropic efforts here in Hollywood. "I think everyone is searching for a way to help. I am fortunate because I have a platform to give back." said Melanie Segal.

You can catch Melanie Segal and her "Hollywood Helps Haiti" Golden Globest Celebrity & Charity Gift Lounge on E!, Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Day LA. Even the local news covered the event.

The gift bags were valued at over $5,000. Three giftbags will be auctioned off for Haitian Relief through the Red Cross.

(Above: Me showing off Eminence Handmade Organic Skincare of Hungary, body scrub in Rasberry.)


  1. Tony I'll be in LA for the Academy Awards. Was at the Golden Globes last year. Lots of fun. Would love your advice.

  2. Absolutely Rose, let me know how I can help!