Thursday, January 28, 2010


New year, new life? There are always exceptions to the rule, especially if we talk about fashion. One might think that every year the stakes are renewed and designers involved in setting trends with innovative products that have not seen in the market so far. But the truth is that while there is some of that in the world of the catwalk also see these perennial classics that even if they return again and again they are still interesting.

We talk about the ins and classic designs are always in place, products that never go out of fashion, perhaps because its quality, materials that are designed or simply because they set their own style. This applies to the designs of crocodile skin, a trend that we see both in bags and accessories and many shoes.

Despite the history, brands are betting big on the reptile skin and success seem to be guaranteed with high quality products, often priced too high for some budgets.
What can we find this season?

Fendi encourages a "clutch" that combines different textures of crocodile and has a very strong stone while Donna Karan is played by some very distinguished abotinados shoes:

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