Thursday, January 14, 2010


We will all be sitting close to our TV's watching the award season officially kick off on Sunday night's Golden Globes. But how do these celebrities continue to look flawless? And how can you achieve the same perfection? Here's a few tips on how to rock the red carpet in style.

1. GO DIRTY. That is in reference to your hair. Dirty hair is the best to style and it holds product better. Oily and greasy hair can be taken care of with dry shampoo. But if you want heads turning, leave it dirty.

2. RELAX. Might sound like something that would be an obvious, right? Doing yoga even a week leading up to a big event will keep your energy balanced and relaxed. The night before the red carpet event avoid alcohol at all costs, because the next morning you will be flushed and swollen. Try herbal tea and get to bed early!

3. FUEL IS GOOD. All of our favorite celebrities look thin, yet so full of energy, that is because even they eat before the show. It doesn't mean you need to have a 4 course brunch, but eating a regular, substantial breakfast and healthy snack will keep your blood sugar leveled and keep you from fainting.

4. GOT IT. FLAUNT IT. Know your best assets! Only select dresses that flatter your shape and your best asset. This is not the time to experiment with a mermaid-style gown. Also, if you are in a silhouette that makes you look sexy, you will feel sexy too.

5. NEVER NEW. This is not the time to break in the new Jimmy Choos or Louboutins. Wear a broken-in pair. Award show events start early and the after after parties last into the wee hours, so your feet need to be taken seriously. Also, a pedicure is great to get you relaxed, the day before and even the day after.

6. H2-OH YEA. Avoid any beverage that has sodium! WATER! WATER! WATER! Hydrate yourself for the long hours ahead. And under the hot California sun and bright lights, you will need it to avoid perspiring all over your designer duds.

7. ANGLES ARE EVERYTHING. Practice makes perfect and it also makes the perfect photos. Take time in front of the mirror in your dress and find your best angles. Celebrities are very aware of what angles make them look longer, leaner, and just oh so fabulous!

8. FAKE IT. The saying in Hollywood is, "Fake it, til you make it!"
  • BLINK. False eyelashes not only enhance your amazing eyes, but they make your eyes pop! 
  • BOOBS. "Sticky boobs" or "cutlets" are easy to apply and can give you the illusion of cleavage and even bump you up a bra size. Celebrities who aren't ready to make the under-the-knife commitment, opt for these enhancements that are reusable. 
  • BULGE. Were the holidays not nice to your waistline? That is ok, even Eva Longoria rocks Spanx and Taraji P. Henson proudly showed hers at last years award show. This body briefer can make you one size smaller and the best reason to wear it, is that it slims and smooths your silhouette in all the right places.
  • BODY (Hair). Clip-in extensions are a Hollywood secret that every celeb is accustom too. It added volume and length. Ever wonder how your favorite screen siren can be photographed with her new bob hair cut and then show up the next night with below-the-shoulder tresses? It's all smoke and mirrors baby! The clip-in extensions are real hair that can be curled, straightened, and styled just like your regular hair and are virtually impossible to discover.

9. STICKY STICKY. Do you honestly think those dresses stay up all by themselves? Even the deep plunging necklines and revealing backs? Umm, think again. It's your best friend in the entire world, ladies, please meet TopStick. This double-stick tape traditionally is used to keep on wigs and hair pieces, so you know its going to hold fabric to the body. So if you want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, you should definitely pick some up at a Beauty Supply store. They even keep your bra straps securely under your tanks during summer.

10. GOLDEN RULE. Want to know how Hollywood always seems to beam with a sun-kissed tan during the winter? It's no secret that they love a good spray tan. Getting a nice glow does a body good and also enhances self-esteem. And after you go get a custom spray tan, enhance it more with Scott Barnes Body Bling, they rock it on Dancing With the Stars and even J. Lo is a fan!

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