Thursday, December 10, 2009


American retailer Target has released pictures of the collection designed by avant-garde Rodarte three weeks before it hits stores across the US December 20.
Prices from around $10 to $80, items range from patterned tights to animal-print dresses and bow belts, with the design duo's signature looks (e.g., netting) translated into mass-market friendly items.
The collection will go on sale one week before the official launch at three pop-up stores in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC - a new facade-only concept, in place December 11-13, that will have customers order their clothes much like in a fast food restaurant. H&M used a similar store set-up for its Sonia Rykiel premiere at the Grand Palais earlier this week that had shoppers browse a catalogue at the front before employees brought the items back from 'behind the scenes.'
Pop-up stores for one-off collections have previously been used by other labels, e.g., by the Gap for its Colette collaboration in 2008, to widen its reach among shoppers.
The Rodarte collection will be available at Target stores through January 31. Zac Posen's range for the retailer will be released April 25.

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