Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lily Allen quits music for fashion

and fashion show front row fixture Lily Allen is planning to take a time-out from music for "at least one or two years" in order to pursue a fashion career.

Allen, who has previously starred in Chanel ads and performed at the label’s most recent fashion show, has been promoting cutting-edge designers as well as established luxury brands in the past and was expected by many to "concretise" her passion for fashion in some way or the other.
Now it turns out that way will be in the form of a boutique she plans to open with her sister. To be called Lucy in Disguise, the shop will enable shoppers not only to buy clothes but also to hire or rent them, a concept already existent on some online shopping destinations and upscale vintage shops.
"It’s about getting really nice clothes but letting people rent them for affordable prices," she said, "so they can go out and feel like a million dollars and it won’t cost them a million dollars."
The idea is part of a growing "democratisation" trend in fashion, which has an increasing number of designers taking steps towards widening their reach among the masses.
Allen also plans to launch a record label and test her acting skills during her break.

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