Thursday, December 10, 2009


Your holiday shopping is almost complete. You've picked out something for your mom, sis and auntie, your dad and grandpa are all set and you've found the perfect gifts for your nieces and nephews. But what about Buddy and Fluffy? They need more than a bone and catnip under the tree.
We're thinking of getting our canine princess this flower accessory so she can look as chic as Michelle Obama over the holidays. Shop for it now—as well as more fab presents—read below.

1. FOR THE TRENDY PUP. Michelle Obama made brooches the accessory of the year. Now your pup can hop on the trend with Muttropolis' flower accessory, which velcros right on to the collar; $16.

2. FOR THE SPORTS KITTY. Does your cat cuddle up with you on the couch during playoffs? Then the furball should adore Cats Rule's Football Cat Scratcher. Each sturdy lounger comes with a bag of certified organic catnip; $23.95.

3. FOR THE PINK PUPS. If her pup already has a diamond collar, pink leash and pastel sweater, what's next? Juicy Couture Scottie Plush iPod Speakers, of course. It's the most stylish way to have a four-legged dance party; $68.

4. FOR YOUR FOUR-LEGGED FOODIE. While you're perfecting your pecan pie, bake your pooch a decadent treat, too. Pawshop's Organic Double Carob Chip Doggie cake mix brings a delicious cinnamon scent to the kitchen; $6.99.

5. FOR PUP'S FIRST CHRISTMAS. Remember when Charlotte brought the diaper genie to the baby shower in Sex and the City? Well, consider this Puppy Pad Cake the four-legged version of the tiered gift of all gifts; $89.98.

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