Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ever wonder what are 12 super-easy basics that all women should have to support a fabulous wardrobe?

Undergarments. I am sure you are thinking, “duh, yea that is obvious.” Well I am actually talking about proper fitting undergarments. They are the solid foundation for a great outfit! Without the proper fitting bra and panty, you can end up looking like a stuffed sausage or droopy drawers in some of your favorite ensembles. (Read Tips & Tricks to Finding the Perfect Panty and How to Get the Best Bra for your Body)
  • Little black dress. Also known as, the “LBD”. This is super essential for date night, post work cocktails, or the art gallery opening on 3rd. Choose a silhouette that flatters your body type. (Read How to Find a LBD for Your Body type)

  • Trench coat. Whether it’s a chilly spring day or a nippy autumn afternoon. A trench coat is classic and timeless. The best part of a trench coat is they are for every body type. They can create curves for those without them and they can enhance your shape even more. Perfect coat on top of a dress, over jeans, and even a great slack.

  • Classic dress pant. Pleats are actually trying to make a comeback, however, if your tummy is not taut, I’d suggest opting for a flat-front slack. Stick to basic colors: black, white, khaki, and navy blue.

  • Classic white shirt. You can never go wrong with a white fitted shirt. It can compliment a pencil skirt for the office, a V-neck sweater for lunch with the girls, and your favorite dark jeans for date night. This versatile piece will have more friends in your closet and can go with almost anything!

  • Skirt/Short. If you are more on the feminine-side, I’d suggest looking for a skirt. If you are more the tom-boy girl, then an appropriate-length short is perfect for you! Skirts come in many varieties, from full length, tennis, above the knee, pencil, and even flare. Select the shape that compliments your body shape. 

  • Blazer. This little jacket works wonders on every body type and can even make you visually lose 5 lbs instantly. Button up one of these beauties and you have an instant waist line and you can adapt this from the office to the company party in no time! 

  • Day dress. Fun, flirty, and another essential that many might not be sure of. Think of a Sunday brunch, baby shower, or a errand dress. I suggest a maxi dress in a soft cotton in a fun pattern. If you are 5’9” or taller, I’d suggest a floor-length maxi dress for a chic sophistication. If you are shorter, then maximize your body length by going for a shorter hem. Comfort is key, but remember comfort doesn’t equal sloppy at all. 

  • Belts. One of the most overlooked essentials in anyone’s wardrobe. A belt is the finishing detail to an overall outfit. Just like eyeliner and mascara complete a beauty look, belts define your waist and keep you polished!

  • Jeans. Every human owns them, but I can already read your mind, but I can’t find jeans that fit me. No matter what your issue, there is a jean for you! (Read Be a JEAN-IUS)

  • A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit. My best suggestion to cure the “sweatsuit” is comfy leggings and a tunic. Both meet the comfort factor that a sweatsuit has, but with a bit of panache. Belt it and add a long strand of necklaces and you are good to go! With flats for errands or heels for a casual stroll down Robertson. Like I will always say, a sweatsuit serves 3 purposes ONLY! 1.) @the gym, 2.) @home, and 3.) @LAX when you are traveling on a long flight! 

  • Studs. Sparkle and shine. Every girl needs a basic pair of earrings to balance off every ensemble. If you are a conservative, try a simple pearl. If you like more bling, opt for a diamond stud. Either way, you need a great earring to complete this list!

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    1. Great list! However I must say a good quality classic handbag is a basic for any wardrobe! Invest in a simple design in a neutral colour and you can't go wrong. Ciao -