Saturday, February 6, 2010


The most common question that I receive as a Personal Stylist, regardless if they are a celebrity or a private client is, “Can I wear this?”, “Am I too old to pull this off?”, or “What is the age limit for wearing, . . .?” It’s almost like a broken record, so I thought I’d set the record straight.

Is there such thing as ageless fashion? To an extent, yes! Most clothing and how it is styled is “pulled off” by the confidence you exude. With that said, confidence can be achieved through lots of hours at the gym, a little cosmetic help, and by staying true to yourself. If you feel great, you can pretty much wear anything! I say ‘pretty much’ with the exception that you are staying true to yourself and not by trying to be someone you are not. No one would like to see a sophisticated 65 year old dress like some teeny-bopper Hollywood pop princess.


  • Age is just a number, so think young and it will radiant in your every move, word, and fashion step. If you would traditionally wear black, try to incorporate pops of color.
  • Take care of your body. We only get one of them. A gorgeous outfit is only as great as the body that it’s on. Don’t get too skinny, at the same time. Be proud of your shape as you get older.
  • Stick to clothes that are structured or a little tailored. A great blazer is an investment piece whether you are 29 or 99. It can make anyone’s body look trim and slim!
  • Choose solids: red, gray, khaki and especially black and white. In fact, when in doubt, go for black and white. You can't go wrong with this combo. Think Chanel: eternally timeless, elegant.
  • Make sure that you stick to your WARDROBE BASICS and only enhance your wardrobe with accessories to define new trends. (See WARDROBE BASICS)
  • Details are everything. Remember a shorter length hem is traditionally more youthful than one that falls at the knees. If you have nice legs, show them off! Also keep in mind, the details can make a huge difference, large plastic or gold buttons can age your great jacket. Opt for a zipper for a youthful touch.
  • Embrace new trends with open arms. If scarves are still in style, invest in one that makes you feel good. If it’s bold jewelry, try to wear a piece. If it’s sequins, remember less is more, but sequins don’t have an age limit!
  • Remember the life lesson, “Age is just a number. You are only as old as you feel.” So if you still feel 32, then you are still 32!
  • Find a haircut that suits your face shape. It's your time to take a chance and embrace your gorgeous face. A fresh hairstyle every year can definitely revamp your look and boost confidence.
  • Become best friends with your tailor, as you get older, your body will change. Whether it's fixing a hem or taking a seam in, this person can make all the difference in your wardrobe!

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