Monday, August 10, 2009


Fall Fashion Trend Report 2009 is a little different than last year. The recession is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the movement of trends. We will see some trends stay and some trends go. So which ones should we with open arms and which of your favorite designers gave us something to smile about until the recession passes like and old hand-me down?

1. Leatherheads. Vroom! Vroom! This season's "Must-Have" leather jacket can be seen worn on top of a little black dress or paired with a perfect t-shirt and jean for a night out. From Ackerman to Alexander Wang, designers went hog wild with this trend of leathers, buckles, and zippers. Do not be inspired by a local biker bar, these sophisticated motorcycle jackets are a definite a fashion tribute to the hip, motorcycle rockin' James Dean.

2. Boudoir Babe. A little lace never hurt anyone and it definitely does not disappoint. Lace, sheer, and tulle take centerstage this fall and not just under your wearables, but as the main event. Sheer geniuses take note, from delicate details at Balenciaga, to intricately draped corsets at Fendi, channel your inner lingerie diva. Parade around in a decadent bra with a blazer and a slimming pair of tuxedo slacks and give a whole new meaning to Playmate.

3. "New Look". Just like the 40's and the end of the depression, designers are ready to scale down the fancy smancy details of the past. In the 40's, Dior founded the decade as the "New Look", which emphasized the plush fabrics, stream-line silhouette, and elegant lines. Velvets, furs, and feathers are an ode to the legend costumers of the past that dressed Icons, such as Rita Hayworth and Greta Garbo. From Dolce & Gabbana to Zac Posen, these designers were inspired by lavish lifestyles and memories of a luxurious past.

4. 80's Evolution. The eighties are not going anywhere, so unpack your acid wash jeans, shoulder pads, and sharkskin fabrics because those once hideous fashion choices from your childhood might be a hot comodity. The Twisted Sister who put her own spin on this trend, is none other than fashion legend, Donatella Versace, who brought back the party dresses straight out of Whitney Houston's closet!

5. Shaken and Shirred. Rouched and ready for a night out, these divinely draped shirts, skirts, and dresses will have you turning heads. Sinfully slim-fitting dresses that have their own swagger is a trend that you do not want to miss. Holiday 2009 is sure to be a season of charmeuse, chiffon, and jersey fabrics. Dior to Donna Karan's creations will give you something to toast to at a company's Christmas party.

6. Security Blanket. Trenches, vests, and double breasted coats are classic and comforting. They give a sense of security to an unstable economy and for that matter an unstable closet. Even risktakers, such as, Prada and YSL sent masterly fit coats down the runway alongside, the tailored and traditional trenchcoats of Burberry and Armani. When your wallet gets tight, turn to the timeless treasures already in your closet.

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