Friday, July 31, 2009


Just like finding the perfect bra to lift, separate, and accentuate, finding the perfect jean with those same characteristics is just as important. Most women aren't born blessed like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. How do you get those "lovely lady lumps" if you are not genetically gifted? Worry no more, there are a few tips and tricks to create the illusion of a ridiculous rump, that requires no lunges or squats. (on a fitness note, squats and lunges can really help lift and tone your booty without fail.) What is the price tag of a designer jean that can create the bodacious bum of your favorite celebrity?

If you already have a little 'junk in the trunk' and just need a little lift, without going under the knife, I recommend denim designers that have a higher, detailed pocket, such as, True Religion, Hudson, Joe's, Levi, and Miss Me jeans. The smaller the yoke at the waist and the pockets positioned higher can lift the posterior just as if you'd been doing squats for 6 months. And the added benefit to these denim lines is that it will also shrink the your waist, because the fit gives the mirage of losing at least 5 lbs! Who doesn't love that? Create a rear and have a smaller waist? Yes, fashion is good for you!

Here's a quick shopping list from these designers for those of you who suffer from FAS (Flat A$$ Syndrome):

  • True Religion "Joey", in a dark wash. The embellished pocket helps give fullness and lift. Retails at $260.

  • Hudson "SuperModel" boot cut jeans in Scorpio wash because they have a slight spandex in the fabric, to slim the thigh, hips, and waist. Retails at $180.

  • Joe's "Honey" bootcut in Gigi wash perfects a feminine silhouette. Retails at $145. Available at Macy's.

If you are not ready to splurge on True Religion, Hudson, and Joe's jeans, try these 2 less expensive options for recession-savvy fashionistas, trying to not only pinch a penny in their cheeks, but their pocketbook too:

  • Levi 522 boot cut jeans are amazing for the women on a budget. They will definitely lift and tone your tush just like the expensive designer jeans above, but are more affordable. Retails at $69. Available at

  • Miss Me jean, dark wash, 6 pocket boot cut hugs the thigh and widens slightly at the knee giving a sleek polished, and put together look for any occasion. Retails at $88. Available at

Simple rules for obtaining the terrific tush:

  1. Pockets. The position of the pockets is so important. Also, the embroidered and flap pockets on the back of the jeans is essential when highlighting your assets. My favorite are the Hudson jeans.

  2. Cut the bum in half. The hem of your shirt should be long enough to rest right at the center (horizontally) cutting the bum in half, this will round out your bottom.

  3. Added Umpf. Hollywood always has a little secret and I discovered these little pair of perfect panties at a gifting suite last year- They are a comfy lil boy short panty that come in a variety shades of girly colors and have padding sewn right into them that will give you the bodacious booty that would make Giselle jealous. These panties are a favorite of Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Ripa, and Anna Faris.

Avoid bigger pockets, loose baggy jeans, and just say no to the low rise jeans! These are fashion no-no's for women looking to plump up their lady lumps!

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