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What are the rules when wearing prints? Which print/colors go together?—Anna L., Cambridge, Massachusetts

There's only one rule: Simplicity. "The key to pulling this trend off is to K.I.S.S.—Keep it Simple, Sexy," stylist Toni Ferrara explains.
If you're worried about your figure, fear not. (Yes, Mary-Kate may be waifish, but Jill Scott isn't, and the prints she wears on No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency are gorgeous.)
"Prints can be worn on all sizes and body types," Ferrara assures. Just remember to always practice balance and proportion.
If you're still intimidated, here are a few more guidelines.
Suppose you have a fuller bust. Try a solid-colored top with a printed skirt, or, Ferrara posits, "a fitted floral dress would work with a solid blazer to draw the eye into the print and therefore, create the slimming illusion." Throw in a belt, too, if that makes you happy.
For pear-shaped fashionistas, "I suggest a printed top with a solid bottom," Ferrara says. "Prints are made to capture the eye's attention; by wearing the print in a top, it will create a proportioned silhouette."
Whatever you do, take a big step back when it comes to accessories. "Choose a color from the pattern and stick to that shade for a bold bangle or strappy shoe," Ferrara says.

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