Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 HOT TRENDS for S/S '09

Countdown the 5 Hottest Trends for Spring/Summer '09- what's in? what's out? and which one of your favorite celebrities is a fan?

1. MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK, and you're gonna be in trouble if you don't try this trend! Suit jackets that fit a lil looser are back in a big way. Balance is the key in experimenting with the look of the season—in this case, a baggy, mannish style. According to, "If you like boyfriend blazers—and, really, what kind of pinko commie doesn't?—then stay sleek with the rest of your look. Instead of a baggy jean, try an ├╝berfemme skinny capri, for example, or a flouncy, Betsey Johnson-style skirt or dress. Androgyny is all well and good, but leave the Annie Lennox look to Annie Lennox." Celebrities that are embracing this trend: Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few.

2. BE A SHEER GENIUS, this Spring/Summer by revealing skin in small amounts. See-through fabrics are still chic and classic. This trend takes notes from the '90's while leaving the tight, trashy aspects that made us want to forget the sheer bodysuits of the past. Leggings, looser tops, and dresses are pushing the envelope of provocative with their sheer fabrics. Celebrities who are embracing this Mandy Moore, Leona Lewis, and Lindsay Lohan.

3. EVERYBODY JUMPSUIT. This retro-trend is a must-have for Spring/Summer. If you decide to purchase only one-piece to update your wardrobe this season, make it a jumpsuit. From rompers to jumpsuits, this trend is body shape friendly. Simple meaning, all body shapes can rock a jumpsuit and best of all, it's slimming! There is a lil more fashion flair than the one-piece from the 70's, designers have embellished them to incorporate the boho, feminine, and sexy plunging trends to make them noveau. Celebrities who are rockin' to this beat include: Malin Akerman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rihanna.

4. MAKE A STATEMENT. Bigger is better this season and for good reason. Award season welcomed the statement trend with open arms. Bare necklines are a thing of the past- More is well more! Multiple strands of pearls, diamonds, and turquiose graced the clavicles of many of today's hottest Hollywood starlets. This jewelry trend has definitely impacted the fashion world too, because the jewelry encrusted necklines were incorporated on some of your favorite designer's pieces on the runway. Celebrities that always make a statement: Ginnifer Goodwin, Madonna, and Beyonce.

5. HIPPIE, HIPPIE HEADBAND. The BoHo trend has infiltrated the fashion closets of America for the past few seasons. It has involved as one of the hottest accessory trends of the decade. Channel your inner flower-child and wrap this one on for size. Celebrities that are always transcending the fabulous fashion forward accessories: Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and Ashlee Simpson.

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