Sunday, January 25, 2009

FASHION REWIND: 15th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards®

(Los Angeles, CA) The 15th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards® recognizes the "best of the best" of Hollywood's elite on the big screen and on the "not-so-little" television screen. What is suppose to be a preview of the Oscars next month might excite audiences by the nominations & winners, but the fashion was a total miss. Golden Globes would be walking away with Best Fashion on the Carpet, thus far, out of all of the award shows this year.

Just days after inaugural celebrations, red, white, and blue played an intricate part of the red carpet runway for SAG. Who dazzled? Who should have took another look in the mirror? We already knew that white would sashay on the carpet, but what we didn't know was who would make it work and who would wish white stood for "white out", as in please forget that my stylist chose this dress for me!

So, let's get to it, . . .the 5 Best Dressed Celebs on the SAG Red Carpet are, . . .(drum roll, please)

1. Kate "Best Dressed & Best Supporting Actress" Winslet, was absolutely stunning in Narciso Rodriguez's electric blue gown that hugged her sensational curves and made her a winner on and off the red carpet. She was iced appropriately, with decadent diamonds on her ears and wrist. Since the first award show, Kate hasn't skipped a beat with her fashion choices. Definitely look for this fashionista on the Oscar carpet to wow us again!
2. Anne "Haute" Hathaway, was "white" hot in Azzaro. She never does any wrong in my book. The jeweled neckline and waist detailing makes her a divine Grecian goddess. Her radiant energy multiplied in magnitudes as she floated down the red carpet runway. I believe that even the Devil herself would be proud of Anne's fashion accomplishments.

3. Claire "My So-called Fashionista Life" Danes, shocked most of Hollywood with her sleek ravishing red Nina Ricci number that showed off her amazing shape. The neckline was clean and silhouette was elegantly draped to perfection. This Tinseltown darling has come along way since her unfashionable flannel days and we applaud her new sophisticated Hollywood style.

4. "Ammmaazzing" Amy Adams, can really wear almost anything, but was sultry in this vivacious violet Jean Baptiste Cavalli sinfully strapless gown. Just the right amount of detailing on the front while still accentuating her tiny waist. Keeping it polished and simple with just the right amount of bling! Simplicity is oh-so chic!

5. Taraji "P. for Posh" Henson, was angelic in a white Herve Leroux fitted gown that criss-crossed and captivated her svelte body. Taraji has made her "beauty" mark on the carpet this award season and we can't wait to see what's to come. Plunging bare-neckline and the bold statement bracelets were the precise compliment to this sensational silhouette.

Most Improved: Marisa "Thank you for reading the reviews from the Golden Globes" Tomei, graciously improved on her red carpet routine, by dressing in a buttercream colored gown with one-shoulder soft ruffle detail definitely made up for the fashion faux pas from a few weeks ago. She went from pirate-secretary to Hollywood starlet.

Ok, and now for the FASH-tastrophes, . . .the Wow! Why! Whoa! Whoops! And What was she thinking?

WOW. America "the Not-So Beautiful" Ferrera, at least in this Vera Wang ensemble. I am a huge fan of the actress who is only one letter off from my last name and I am an even bigger fan of Vera. As I learned this weekend, "You do not alter Vera to fit yourself, you alter yourself to fit Vera." The fullness of the drape at the hips only created width and wasn't very flattering. Fit wasn't the only thing that was wrong for this gown; can someone please tell me why there is one strip of tulle tacked onto the "putty" colored strapless gown which washed out her skin color completely.

WHY. Angelina "I simply don't care" Jolie, was very obvious that she simply doesn't care to impress us anymore on the red carpet. Max Azria is a dream designer, but this dress is so Mother Theresa-safe instead of the "drop-dead gorgeous" we are accustomed to. Yes, Ms. Jolie-Pitt we get it, you are a humanitarian, a mother, and People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman in the World", but we do miss you in the "Best Dressed" world. Even mommy's can be fashionable, please review Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale, and Nicole Kidman.

3 "Very Disappointing Desperate Housewives", Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria-Parker, and Nicolette Sheridan truly disappointed us this year.

WHOA. Teri, Teri, Ter-rible, we know that you want to get married again, but wearing your wedding dress to the red carpet isn't going to get you to the alter any sooner. Sorry, Monique Lhiullier has so many exquisite gowns, but this dress pretty much swallowed you up and didn't do you justice.

WHOOPS. Ms. Longoria-Parker, you should know better, you did so well in Reem Acra at the Golden Globes, did you bump your head? Peach, really? I adore Jenny Packham's designs, but you did realize this was the SAG awards and not your Quinceanera!

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Nicolette, although January is for "Aquarians", the "Age of Aquarius" one bell-sleeve disaster was not groovy baby, I am sorry. We know that you are a sexy single girl, but please do not let David Spade pick out your award gown ever again! And if you really want to be on Dancing With the Stars, I hear they are still casting! You are a gorgeous woman, we'll give you a "redemption card" if you can recover from this fashion nightmare.

The 15th annual SAG awards come to an end, what's to come in February for the Oscars? Only the Fashion Gods & Goddesses know (the celeb stylists & designers, that is). I pray that the celebs take the construction criticism by the Fashion Police to heart and make a quick recovery. I wish you "Best Dresssed" from my closet to yours!

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